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CiscoWorks Syslog Reporting

I am running CiscoWorks on a Widows 2003 Enterprise server, my RME version is 4.3.0. The issue I just discovered that when I try running a Syslog report out of RME the history will only go back as far as the last server reboot. For instance, the serv...

Switch Availability

Hi All, we are running LMS 3.2 with HUM 1.2 in awindows environment.  Currently we have a group of access switches 6509's that loose connectivity for a minute or two and then connnectivity is restored.  DFM picks up on theconnectivity loss and create...

LMS 4.0 Critical message windows portlet

Hello folksI have problem with portlet in LMS 4.0 "Critical message windows". In the Portlet it says only "Loading" and then nothing happens moreDoes anyone know what I can do? A small checklist where I can start to look for errors ...?Have a nice we...

jenssk by Beginner
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CiscoWorks HUM - No Graphs

Hello,HUM was configured earlier to show all graphical statistics however suddenly there are no graphs to show - "No data is available". And it asks to configure pollers even though the previously configured pollers are still active. Attached is the ...

Resolved! LMS 4.0 issues

Hello,I installed LMS 4.0 evaluation version on a test server and encountered the following issues:1. InstallationDuring installation several Installshield errors appeared. Nevertheless installation finished successfuly.2. IPSLAI am unable to create ...

EEM using syslog on Nexus

Is the syslog as an EEM event supported in Nexus I am trying to run an EEM applet based on a syslog but unable to. What i want is to shutdown a particular module when a power supply on the 7K is switched off .. possible?Ambi

ambi by Beginner
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Resolved! How do I uninstall the LMS 4.0?

We have installed LMS 4.0 with 1500 licenses. We have trouble getting it to work properly. We see the devices in DCR, and "Inventory Collection" is OK.Example, When we select "Monitor> Threshold Settings> Fault> Threshold Settings", we get the messag...

jenssk by Beginner
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