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Hi,We have lms3.2 sp1 (soon to be upgrading to 4)Is there a way (report or something else) where if I submit a VLAN, LMS will return what subnets are associated?example:[user input]vlan 10[lms output][lms output][lms output]3.3.3....

Resolved! LMS/L2 sw

hellosuppose i have cw LMS connected to a L2 switch. this sw has int vlan 1 shutdown and an IP address in vlan2. cw has an IP in same subnet as int VLAN 2.v3 exists also in the switch.can cw/lms track computers in vlan 2 and 3? ie: can we obtain the...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Here is the scenario:- retail store on the first floor has a DSL connection- stock room on the second floor has DSL connection- they are at least 500 feet apart from each other -  tried VPN connection to store on the 1st floor and it worked but the  ...

stonnet72 by Beginner
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Hi Everybody,I'm using LMS 4 on a nework that is still "under construction" and I wonder if and when the HUM auto-poller will get updated.For new devices this is obvious but for new link ports and other changes this is less obvious.It is ofcourse gre...

Hi AllI am having an issue with the following RME Netconfig jobs because it seems JRM is not running.I have tried reloading the server but when I open the RME window I always get the message "JRM service could be down. Check whether JRM services are ...

Hi Experts,I need to implement a Network monitor in my environment, it a medium range enviroment(25 user). i prefer a free monitoring tool. i need to monitor1) Wan link utilization2) CPU/MEM utilizations of servers,switch,ASA,router3)each users netwo...

vipinrajrc by Participant
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Hi,For some unknown reason "Device Center" stopped working. Device Center is opening, but it stucks on loading contents... Unfortunately it happens on both of our servers (one of them working as DCR Slave). The only thing I could recall that would af...

tomeq82 by Beginner
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Hi, i try to backup lms but it always give me errors,i did it 2 times one with GUI from common services and the other one using command, the output is2 errors reported[Sun May  8 18:20:36 2011] Validation D:/LMS-BackUp/May-2011/0\0\campus\database\an...

Hello Guys,i have a loop Problem, can you help me?proc ping { IP } {                        set PING [ exec "ping $IP repeat 3" ]set PING [ regexp -inline -all {[\.!]{3}} $PING ]if { [ string first "!" $PING ] == -1 } {typeahead "\yes" puts [ exec "r...