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Error Communicating with DCR Server

Hello,While trying to edit device credentials, I got this error from DCR:Error in communicating with DCR  Server.DCR Server may be down. Please start the DCR Server and then refresh  the page.But when I checked the DCRServer process status from Proce...

justserve by Beginner
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Resolved! RME 4.3.1 device upgrade

HICan anyone please help me getting RME  device update to work.All the files are downloaded but some where during installation it fails. I have just upgraded to  RME 4.3.1.LMS is installed on Solaris.I have tried reinstalling RME, and installing devi...

LMS 3.2 audit trail problem

Dears,I am using LMS 3.2.And I found that if I delete a device in Common Service using a user(not admin).Then go to RME report generator to create a audit trail report.The report show that the device was deleted by "admin".But I tried to add that dev...

Mason Tu by Beginner
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Linksys router, problems with SNMP

Hello, We have several Linksys RVL200  routers out in the field. They work fine except now we want to enable SNMP to  monitor bandwidth usage with PRTG Network Monitor. I’m having a problem with a few of these getting SNMP  to work properly. I’ve co...

jdamone by Beginner
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Resolved! Customizing HUM graphs

Hi,we have HUM 1.2. In all the graphs, the top Y axis value is related to the maximun measure showed by the graph, would it be possible to configure HUM for always showing a top value of 100?Thanks.