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Any idea on1. For network discovery, does CDP must turn on in the network?  Or LMS 4.0 now is SNMP-based?2. Any detail about 3rd party device support (Juniper/HP/etc)?  Can they be shown in topology map?3. What is the device restriction on L-CWLMS-4....

ctychan by Level 1
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GreetingI`m actually starting with CiscoWorksEverything is setup properly and nice just missing something !!!!!from the DFM i still can`t see the trap of my device and some of my devices are still in the unknown state (but via topology service i can ...

HelloIn Collection summary the Fault Diuscovery is allways running.And the all devices stays in state  "Discovery Progress    = 10% completed" IP Address                 = DNS Name                  = Device Status             ...

mmisonne by Level 2
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+Using RME version 4.3.0, I'd like to run compliance checks against devices, but when searching for devices to run these checks against, they're not found, even though these devices have been verified that they're in the DCR and have been recently ar...

Hopefully Joe Clark will see this,We have a clean install of LMS 4.0 on a virtual server, a single 2.4G processor and 4G of RAM.I do see the paging file size is 4G and recommended is 8G.The install was pretty smooth and everything seemed to be workin...