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Hello,I have a question about a specific part number. Our customer wants to buy CWLMS-3.2-5K-K9. This part number allows to manage up to 5000 devices on the same server. Additionally the customer wants to get CWHUM-1.2-L which support up to 3000 devi...

I am getting the following RME inventory collection error on 4 devices.  These 4 devices were recently added to the network and were all attached to a new radius server.  I have tested AAA to the 4 switches and am confident that radius is working as ...

I am trying to write perl cgi base script has the same concept like net show and the main reason for that is the out put of the show command to writen to screen instead of file like net show. I don't want to give LMS file access to I want...

Hello,I have a question about CWLMS 3.2 Server requirements. My actual scenario is:- I need to add around 2000 devices- License will be CWLMS + HUMInstallation guide says the following:Standalone server explained in these tables denotes the server th...

dbarboza27 by Beginner
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I have some devices in my LMS 3.2 Master-Slave ACS-mode, that are, according to the DCR and AAA portlet,  not configured in ACSHowever I have checked that the devices are in ACS (in NDG and based on ip addresses, unique or by using wildcards)What cou...

vergeerf by Beginner
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After trying to manage a WS-C2960S-48TD-L switch in DFM i'm getting the following error -    *** Data Collector Status Information *** Error Code                   = Others Error Message             = response from VIC is not compliantI'm running -LM...

Dear *,LMS 3.2 uses port number 1741 to access the CiscoWorks Server in normal (HTTP) mode and portnumber 443 to access the server in secure (HTTPS) mode by default. Is there anyway to disable http and just use HTTPS?Thanks,Aamir

xshant by Beginner
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Hi,Need support here to understand the Problems for getting EEM script executed. The Script and debug output is as follows. The script is now getting executed. IOS :c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-12a.bin"Can Plese help here!. Thanks..Script:event manage...

Dear *,I have intalled LMS 3.2 or solaris 10. The installation is successfull. Now i want to change the password of casuser but i am unable to find the resetCasuser. Seems like file is missing. Any idea why? NMSROOT\setup\support\resetCasuserIs there...

xshant by Beginner
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