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I have one Windows 2003 server with two NICs, one on the internal Lan the the other to run our Public Wireless Network.On our internal LAN the IP is 192.168.10.#.  That Lan can access the Internet through its own gateway.I have a virtual server runni...

joseph by Level 1
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I added a node on the CiscoWork via 'the Common Services". CiscoWork prompted the node was added success.Later, I searched the node in the “Common Services” and could not find it. Then I added the node again. CiscoWork prompted there was a duplicated...

I'm trying to write a script that will pull IPS events off of our ASA IPS SSM module and write them to our log management system. I have a script that successfully pulls the alert events. I also want to pull the error, status, and log transaction eve...

snowmizer by Level 1
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Hy Pros.The ANI server can't neither be started automatically nor manually. The system was running before and I haven't changed anything to it.I've attached the ANIServer.log file. I didn't attach the ani.log, because it's round about 30MB big.Hopefu...

mwynen by Level 1
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Hi all,When we try to login to LMS we get the error mention below, (by all user ID created on LMS).This happened after we upgraded the ciscoview icons recommended on the upgrade window of LMS.ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access /cwhp/cwhp.ap...

Hello,Could you help me to interpret this information comes, sent by LMS 3.2 ?I've joined the show tech-support.________________________________________________________ALERT ID                = 00000RY TIME                    = Tue 27-Apr-2010 14:16:...

Resolved! script question

this question may not directly related to this forum but part of network mangemt. I have bunch of perl script extracting information from LMS user tracking. currently the scripts run on Solaris server and plan to move to Cisco UCS VM enviroment. if ...