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Apache.exe errors

Hello, I have LMS 3.1 on win2003 and i am getting lots of Application event errors in the event viewer from apache service. Closer inspection error message says "Apache.exe child process caused an exception and reported error - more info in error.log...

Resolved! Backup failure ( no write permission)

Hi, Iam using LMS 2.6. I had taken backup in a new HDD in the server.The Backup was successful. After that I scheduled the backup and the backup failed on the scheduled date with an error stating no write access to the drive. The same error came whe...

Resolved! Cisco 1841 Startup-config question

I understand that the startup-configs reside on the nvram on the 1841 but is it possible to house these configs on the flash drive. Here's my problem, have 60 - 1841's in remote offices. We are going with a new ISP. Instead of sending another router ...

smartin by Beginner
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Resolved! Startup Modes for Processes

I've seen alot of converstions regarding startup modes (automatic vs manual) for Windows installs, I'm wondering how/where do you check/change the settings on UNIX? I have CTMJreServer that is showing status of Administrator Has Shut down, when I tr...

Resolved! Device inventory report on LMS 2.6

I have run inventory report on RME and got 3 device list by there OID number instead of model(chassis) model name. these are the .EntityVendorOIDType(. this is outdated CISCO-ENTITY-VENDORTYPE-OID-MIB. when I check on ...

Quality of Service / Service Policy

Hi Freindz, I have configured CoS/Q0S on cisco 7613 router interface for 512kb data/internet link.On Global config mode :-class-map standard match all exit policy-map rate_limit class standard police 512000 bps 1000 byte conform-action transmit ex... by Beginner
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