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We use LMS 3.1 with the available patches installed. I wanted to configure some device credentials and identities. After clicking "Apply" the following error was displayed: "Internal error in communication channel.Already installed patch for bug CSCs...

bm_5789 by Level 1
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Hi,When I use netmanage and receive an event from switch or router, I can acknowledge an error but I didn't found how can I purge/delete all events.Any ideas Regards

Hello, we have a CiscoWorks 2.6 installation. It appears that CiscoWorks is attempting to send ICMP packets to a host on a IP subnet that we no longer use.Our ASA is reporting several instances of CiscoWorks attempting to do send ICMP packets to thi...

Hello,I have installed Cisco Works LMS 3.1 to manage 10 Cisco 2960 and 4 Cisco 3560 using SNMP v3. The Cisco Catlaysts 2960 are used for access to devices. When I would like to use “User Tracking” functionality, a message indicating that no user ...

Hi, Some of my email alerts from DFM. I get a null as a alert. EVENT ID = 000N6M2 ALERT ID = null TIME = Wed 01-Apr-2009 19:20:43 EDT STATUS = Active SEVERITY = Critical MANAGED OBJECT = null MANAGED OBJECT TYPE = null - any suggestions

georgeef1 by Level 1
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Hi,I use LMS 2.6 with RME 4.0.5.I would like to use the baseline template to do a conditionnal deloyement of config like this:if switchport mode access and not switchport access vlan then apply switchport port-security.Is it possible to do it with LM...

Hello, I need to configure Quality Of Service on cisco 7613 router (with channelised E1 , Logical serial ports) for internet bandwidth connectivity. lest say for 1Mb bandwidth. Please suggest what would be the configs to fullfill the requirement.Re... by Level 1
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