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Cannot configure SNMP V3 in C9372PX

Hello,  I can't able configure snmp v3  Applying below command on switch C9372PX snmp-server user userXXXX auth md5 pXXXX priv pXXXX Getting below error, Please provide solution after applying above command.  warning: unable to update CLI users datab...

2004anand by Beginner
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Bad hostname or protocol not running

Hi,I have a Cisco ASR 9010 Router and when i try pinging domains like and I get the following message: RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios#ping ipv4 count 500Thu Apr 23 12:42:36.754 GMT+2% Bad hostname or protocol not running Can ...

aridy by Beginner
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adding a host to prime only for icmp

Hi to all, is it possible a add a host in Prime only with icmp monitor and not snmp? For example i have an equipment that does not have the snmp option, only icmp ping can be used to know at least that it is live. Is this possible? Thanks, Ditter.

Ditter by Beginner
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NetFlow Export server reachable via Mgmt VRF but still not working

See attachment of simple topology.So if the Solarwinds or whatever application you are sending NetFlow stats from a router is reachable via the router's Mgmt Int vrf which is assigned to G1 (so it pings only sourcing from mgmt vrf), that sho...

Network management inbound and OOB

Hello, I still didn't understand how to realize a network management in a Campus. I have some ideas: using a switch (only for MGMT network 192.168.x.x./24) for each building and at the end a router to route the network trough to remote center buildin...

Traps for SD card alarm events

Hello,Can anyone confirm whether 'alarm facility sd-card notifies' is enough to send SD alarm traps to an SNMP server, or whether 'snmp-server enable traps alarms' would also be required? An SNMP server IP has been defined previously. Thanks.

mrjdh by Beginner
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Hi, I am using a Cisco ASR 9010 with a Version 6.4.2 IOS XR.I got the following error 4 times: ipv4_rib[1160]: %ROUTING-FIB-3-UPD_MSG_TOO_BIG : attribute ID: 0x3130, size: 7748, data: 5FFFFFFFF3286C000000020000000000000171FFFFFF975729FFFFFFF900000014...

aridy by Beginner
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Resolved! FHRP

Hi everyone, I have completed above configuration till fourth point.When I tried to tracking s0/0/0, I can`t configure it.I only can do " standby 1 track s0/0/0" instead of giving it a decremented number.!interface GigabitEthernet0/0ip address 192.16...

000.PNG 1111.PNG
will75136 by Beginner
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