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Network Help (IPSec Tunnel, VLAN)

Hi all, I am trying to achieve the following in the attached network however, struggling to do so. Would really appreciate a response to each question please as previously they have been overlooked. 1) Can the 3 different routers (and then subsequent...

Prime 3.4 not logging in.

I'm not able to log in to Prime after holidays.  This is a VM server running with recommended spec. Have to reboot the box to get a response.  MSG coming up after is "echo 0> proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs"  this keeps scrolling, not able to ...

SCP auto configuration backup not working with 16.6.4 IOS in 3850x/3650x but with 3.6.6 working fine.

Hi GuysI am using SCP server for configuration backup 3850x/3650x when i am running write memory command switch configuration backup to the SCP server with IOS version 3.6.6 but after updating to 16.6.4 IOS configuration backup stopped configuration ...

QoS Policing Config

Please could someone write an example configuration for QoS policing/shaping for bandwidth control. I am wanting to limit a customers upload speed to 10mbps and download speed to 20mbps. They come into the ISP Core router on fa0/0. All traffic on thi...