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We have an application that tracks stations using SNMP and associates a location based on which AP the station is associated with. We are having an issue with a Cisco 9800 wireless controller because the cldcClientTable ( . ...

gboucher by Level 1
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Dear Cisco.Greetings...! We have a CISCO FPR 2110 firewall.Does it supports 'Dual internal LAN' configuration without a router. Example:  ASA 5505 need a router between every different networks. Can you please let us know asap. Regards,Sai Kumar

I've been out of school for about 2 years. I got my CompTIA A+ hoping to get an entry level job but so far no luck, so recently i've been interested in getting my Associates Degree. Browsing my local community college I stumbled across the Cisco Netw...

I have a router 2811, and PC connected to fa0/1. It cannot receive ip address from router. It should receive from pool 50 (vlan50). Patg#sh run Building configuration... Current configuration : 1693 bytes ! version 12.4 no service timestamps l...

eXPlosion by Level 1
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Hello,I've been trying to find a way to suppress SSH syslog messages for a specific user on our ASR9K platform. Example: %SECURITY-SSHD-6-INFO_SUCCESS : Successfully authenticated user 'x'%SECURITY-SSHD-6-INFO_USER_LOGOUT : User 'x' So far, the only ...

FM_Drew by Level 1
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