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Hello,  Not exactly a Cisco topic but does anyone have any recommendations for software that "decodes" Wireshark Captures?.  Looking for a bit of help in that area.   Thanks in advance!   Replies rated!

angel-moon by Participant
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SNMP-OIDに関する質問となります。 . AggregatorLinkDegraded. AggregatorLinkDown 上記OID/インシデント名がどのような用途で使用されているものか分かりません。ご存じの方がいらっしゃいましたら、お教え頂けないでしょうか。SNMPオブジェクトナビゲータでは、CatalystOSのものしかひっとしないため、検索にかけても出てきませんでした。...

tknos by Beginner
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Good Morning, I was recently upgrading a Cisco 3650-48PS from 16.6.5 to 16.6.7 in Prime 3.2. I tested the 16.6.7 version on 6 switches prior to deploying to multiple switches across our network. After Prime 3.2 tried to update the first 3650 switch i...

Hello everyone.I'm trying do one thing. I got my Radius Server - it's working good - port authorization ok, vlan assigment ok. Anyone have got an idea how can i set port description from radius server ? it is possible ?In Radius I added some attribut...

Hello everybody, As said on the title, i just paid 199$ to have the VIRL License for GNS3, i doawnloaded the IOSv normally, but when trying to download ASAv it tells me that a service contract is required and the number should be added to my account....

Louey by Beginner
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Hi, I have different questions about tunnels management.  1) Imagine that you have 2 router (A,B) with a GRE Tunnel, but inside you have also 2 different routers o firewall with a vpn connection (image1 attached).  Which would be the normal behavior?...

sir_ulrick by Beginner
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I have some CISCO devices (firewalls & switches)I intend to set up a WAN between two locations but both locations are dynamic IP (residential broadband).The IP's of each location do not change regularly but they do change "occasionally".I am new to C...

derple by Beginner
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I have Cisco 2911 & it is connected to Internet the Port connected to internet is having 1 global IP address I have defined nearly 2200 DHCP pool of private IP address & nearly 2000 users will be using Internet.The entire pool of private IP Address i...

RS19 by Enthusiast
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Hi!I am not sure if this belongs to this topic or to the network security, but It's a router, so I'll ask it here.We have an ASR920 and would like to deny PING to the device from the outside.Our problem when we ping the router, it shows the traffic i...

Datacraft by Beginner
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Hello, I was trying to configure Flexible Netflow on C9500 running Fuji 16.09.04 and ran into an issue. When I try to assign an ip flow monitor to an SVI, the command is rejected. Here's the output from the cli "SW-A(config-if)#ip flow monitor standa...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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