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DCNM MIB support

Hi everyone,   Can you know if the Cisco DCNM can read all MIBs supported by Cisco NX-OS (Nexus 5600)? I'm refering about MIB I, MIB II and private MIB.     Thank you very much!   Allyson  

apereira3 by Beginner
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Resolved! IP SLA with Object Tracking PROBLEM

Hi, I have a problem with the 2 SLA that I am using to get EEM script and Failover.I have 4 tracks that I am ussing 2 for 1 SLA. My conifg is the next: ! track 1 ip sla 1 reachability delay down 6 up 6 ! track 2 list boolean and object 1 not ! trac...

farguisito by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP Assignment Event

Hello all, Does anyone know a way of triggering on assignment of a DHCP address to a router?  Is it easier to catch it as a syslog event?   if a router is configured with: interface g0/0   ip address dhcp    ip route dhcp

Resolved! Script to stop and start a capture point

Is it possible to write a script that would start a capture point and then stop it after 5 minutes and then export it to a tftp server, then again wait for few minutes to re-start the capture point and repeat the whole process again?   We need to cap...

cofee by Contributor
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Cisco Prime HA upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1

Hello,   I hope some one can guide me on the upgrade process.   We have Cisco Prime on UCS appliance PI-UCS-APL-K9 and plan to upgrade to 3.1.7   I read, HA has to be removed first before upgrade, It would be great if some one can guide on...

saleem pc by Beginner
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Resolved! Track Wireless client on WLC 2504

hello, I have client MAC addresses I want to know when they connected, for how long, and when they drop off the wireless. I also would like to set up an email alert for when specific devices disconnect from the wireless network. Is this even possible...