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can I have  N9K-C93360YC-FX2  designed usage ---> FEX aggregationport type                            port number 1/10 GE fiber ports =            9640 GE ports             =            1225 GE port                 =            0100 GE ports         ...

yose by Level 1
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Resolved! ISR 4331 DHCP woes

I have an ISR 4331 with NIM-ES2-4 module in slot 0/2. I am attaching the output of show running-config.The 4331 WAN is, connected to g0/0/0 configured as nat outside, and this interface receives its IP configuration from vi...

Resolved! 151AXM Mesh

Hi,I have a newly setup network of AP 150AX and Mesh 151AXM. The mesh AP's seem not to get connected even though the app says they are connected.The mesh AP's will flash blue for days. How do I troubleshoot these AP's?Thanks.

kasper by Level 1
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Hello Cisco Community,I hope this message finds you well. I am conducting a research study focused on the challenges and opportunities of enforcing network policies across various domains such as campuses, WANs, and data centers. As experts in the fi...

krgael by Level 1
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Resolved! ACL rules

Hello community Please I am kind of stuck with the following exercise. I completed it 3 times and still I have no clue about those mistakes in the 2nd and last questions from this sshot below with the right answers:-Staring with the 2nd,SRC 192.168.1...


I have two border routers that get time from external NTP servers while delivering it to my internal network devices. Sometimes some or even all of the configured exrernal servers  go down, so we lose the sync. I am trying to write a script that chec...

asigachev by Level 1
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Hi,I have set CBW150AX by using the Cisco Business iOS app. That works fine. However I would like the possibility of monitoring and configuring by web interface but whenever I try to connect to the unit it times out.Why is it not possible to access t...

kasper by Level 1
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Greetings,I have Catalyst 9k switches and aps in my system. I used the meraki aps that I had in excess in a few regions. and this came back to me as a complaint. when I contacted my product supplier, he said to me that cisco catalyst and meraki aps h...

Hi Everyone                I hope you can help me with this issue. I have inherited a 50 device network that has multiple ip address ranges example 192.168 and 10.20. I would like to simplify this network down to a single 192.168 range. I have multip...

Hi,can somebody send me the latest OID list (pdf) for SG350-10MP switch.I like to switch on off PoE power of each individual Port by my home system regards Julian 

JulianW by Level 1
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