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Occasionally we get the message that logging can’t keep up but within seconds to a minute we get a second message stating it has “caught up”. The Critical message is:Reporting Client: The reporting system is unable to maintain the rate of data being ...

davethomp by Level 1
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Hi, Could some one please provide asisstance as to what I am doing wrong in setting up the static routing, In the Destination LAN IP: (Other network IP Address)            Subnet Mask:             Gateway:       ...

I have an EEM script that generates this output based on monitoring my WAN interface load: %HA_EM-6-LOG: INTERFACE_LOAD: BW: 50000 kbps/sec || TX: 15/255, 1651000 bits/sec, 598 packets/sec || RX: 8/255, 3057000 bits/sec, 627 packets/sec I would lik...

Hello, I´m with TCL and EEM on a ASR9K a newbie. I have a script running already on IOS. event manager applet forbidden-commands-bgp trap event cli pattern "(.*)(no router)(.*)" sync no skip yes occurs 1 action 2.1 syslog msg "$_cli_msg not executed"...

Hi everybody, my customer wants implement a NAC solution with Forescout counteract. This solution use snmp write community for vlan remediation,shutdown ports...ecc. I would limit snmp write (with use snmp-view) to only vlan/interfeces commands. Is i...

m.goretti by Level 1
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Has anybody worked with the Plug and Play features on Prime 2.2? After applying the bootstrap config coming from Prime manually the switch is not showing up in Prime and the following errors are popping up.   *Mar 1 00:02:06.785: %CNS-3-TRANSPORT:...

Hi guys, now trying to get a handle on PI 2.2. Specifically, im interested in the auto provisioning of the routers and switches. Im looking for some assistance in this area as i seem to be missing one part. essentially this is my understanding 1. Cho...

a.gooding by Level 5
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Hey guys, we have two freshly installed nexus 3172 with NXOS: version 7.0(3)I2(1a). But our PI2.2 with device packs 7 & 9 installed just shows them as unsupported cisco device. As far as I know these devices should be supported since device pack 4. ...

Matt A. by Level 1
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