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Hello Experts,The problem I am having appears to be simple but I can't figure it out.  I'd appreciate your help in advance.  I am running a tcl scrip to filter out facility DOT1X but I am getting error message as shown below.tclsh test.tclcan't read ...

Hi Team, I have a doubt for version PI-1.1.PI 1.1 is installed on the VMware i.e. on the virtual platformThe customer has bought the following:R-PI-1.1-K9 ------Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.1R-PI-1.1-100-K9-----Prime Infrastructure 1.1 Software - 100...

Hi All, We would like to backup the config on our cisco switches by accessing the flash with tftp:Is it possible to launch a tftp get from a tftp server in order to retrieve the configuration on a Cisco switch.We are able to put the configuration on ...

Dear,Concerning : wired interfaces (client session report details).Where can you find the interface to which a client is connected ?? There is a data field "Connected interface", but this field is always empty.Many thanks,Lieven StubbeBelgian railway...

lni1 by Beginner
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How can we provide Hardware Redundancy between 2 routers in ASR 1002?If we have 2 routers, One act as a Active router and Second one act as a Standby router. If Active router fails then Standby router will become Active.How is this possible on 2 ASR ...

Hello,I have problems loading MIBs into Ciscoworks LMS 4.2When I look at dependencies I see: RFC1212 but I cannot load this MIBs even it came with the LMS installation.Error message: Unable to load the MIB file. Error while compiling. Required dump f...

fbender by Beginner
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