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Resolved! EEM Scripting

Hi GuysI need help ... how would I configure an EEM script that sends an instruction to activate another router's EEM connected on the same segment.I have 2 routers, 1 with a LL uplink and other ADSL uplink. The LL is my primary connection. I am re-r...

Hello,A customer currently have 2,500 Cisco Prime Infrastructure Lifecycle device license using Prime Infrastructure version 1.2 and LMS 4.x. the customer wants to upgrade to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0.Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrad...

fender100 by Beginner
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HiI have just installed cisco prime 1.2 (I used OVA file and vmware)After installed prime I chech that he started well ( nsc stop ncs start ncs status) and all service has startedBut when I acces by https and enter the login root and password, I got ...

nicanor00 by Beginner
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Hello,Recently I have problem with Inv. collection jobs because some time after job start CPU goes to 100% and stay like that. I can only do "pdterm ICServer" and than CPU goes to normal. I have done some troubleshoot and discovers that ICServer like...

mladenp by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I hope someone can aid me here.why does my eem email give me the wrong time with the use of "$_event_pub_timeI got an hour out on my email but the clock on the switch is correct.Switch says 17:07:16.831 GMT Mon Sep 9 2013email comes back with...