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Dear all experts,I have tie line E1 PRI with NEC PBX. There were a few call that active for very long period up to 2 Weeks. I wonder why is this happening with E1 connection, i know it is very common to find this problem on FXO port. I looked into Co...

Hi,We have problems with a presentation with 4 videos. The system is DMM 4.1 and DMPs 4305 with signage module.I recode this videos at format:             video: MPEG TS 720x576 (4:3) 29.97 fps 5000 kbps cbr                                           ...

My company use Call Manager 4.0.I am a beginner of Call Manager.In the before, all employees have their own external phone numbers.Due to more and more employee onbard, there is not enough external phone number left. Therefore, I perfer creating as m...

Resolved! IP Faxing

I have a Biscom Fax Server and am thinking about going to a t.38 Fax over IP Solution.  What do I have to do on the callmanger side of things to make this work?  I have version 7.1 and a 3845 Router in MGCP.

jpike1980 by Level 1
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I can monitor a General Mbox ( user with a mailbox) on a CUE just fine.  I want to be able to dial the GMB number from a ephone and then have the mbox ask me to login with a pin and not play the message.  I am tring to use voice translation rules alt...

jwilson by Level 1
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