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VPN Connections

Thanks for the information provided. I would appreciate if anyone could clarify? The scenario is like this...We have two customers, one in US and another in UK. We have Cisco 3005 VPN concentrator. 1. Can we establish VPN Tunnel to both the customers...

trunk routing

i have in a sw (3550-12T) defined 2 trunks on ports 0/2 and 0/3, with 2 routers (3725). I have also a PC on the sw in 0/5. all the 3 interfaces (pc + routers) are into the same network and all in the same vlan 4. i can ping from the ...

cnicules by Beginner
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Resolved! What's the difference that the router really do between Auto-RP and BSR?

Hi All,Can any body tell me what's the real difference between Auto-RP and BSR in Multicast? It's seems that there is no difference and just change two commands in the routers: change the "ip pim send-rp-discovery" command to "ip pim bsr candidate" i...

teru-lei by Beginner
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Problem with gigastack

I have one gigatack deployed with two Catalyst 3548 with software WC1,one Catalyst 3524 with software 12.0.5 XU and one Catalyst 3550 with software 12.1.8 E1.If I issue "sh int gi 0/1" on every switches , where I have installed gigastack , I...

lformelli by Beginner
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