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Hey all I have a client who currently has 4x remote VSOM/VSMS colocated servers.They now want to install a new UCS server at their central office. They have asked if it's possible to have the remote servers upload clips to a central location after ho...

chippa111 by Level 1
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Resolved! Import certificate

We recently got our first Cisco Camera (model 3620) Is there any way to import a certificate into this guy so our domain machines will trust the server? I see a reference under 802.1X, but I'm trying to eliminate the end viewers getting the self-si...

enewburn1 by Level 1
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I need to remove all the 2TB disks, media1-5. What's the process to remove them completely from VSOM? When I run df -h, this is the output: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on/dev/sda2 7.9G 5.5G 2.1G 73% /tmpfs 5.4G 524K 5.4G 1% /dev/shm/dev/s...

mstrz by Level 1
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Hi, When using a meta data server, where is the data stored? More specifically, what is the impact on the storage space required per camera? If I have a 30 day archive sitting on a media server, and I turn on Meta Data for 30 days as well, where is t...

I have been having some issues with logging into SASD - "Failed to check version compatibility with VSOM server.  Invelid URI: The hostname could not parsed.Your local time (7/12/2017 2:56:11 PM) is out of range with the VSOM Server time (7/12/2017 2...

jwood.ok by Level 1
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Hi all.  I have a CIVS-MSP-4RU I'm trying to restore to factory defaults with a 6.3.x recovery disc.  I create my partitions per   and then run the factory.  However,...

Hello everyone, We're working on a project where we need to upgrade an old version of an IPICS system to the current or latest one. The customer indicates he's working with a 2.x version and it is required to migrate to 4.x version. Does anybody kn...