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1) First Network topology Internet<--G0/0--> TR<-->CoreSW<--Firewall<--> Server and LAN network                                                         <--Gateway<--> Customers   2) Problem is at the G0/0 port on TR specially the Egress " Surges to 2...

I can't seem to get a clear answer as to APIC-EM and its use with iWAN.  DO I need to run APIC-EM in order for Iwan to function?  Does the APIC-EM control daya to day operation  and any troubleshooting of the Iwan solution?  Can I use APIC-EM long wi...

Gents we he default class map ans policy configured for Cisco phone and voice my question is do we need to add hold-queue command on router in interface which connects to core switch and core switch interface which connects to router ?

Hi, everybody its me  again. well, i have next one problem.My ISP realized an upgrade of my bandwidth, how can i do check my really bandwidth?there are tool or command in my router?     thanks

Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help, I'll start off by saying that my Cisco knowledge is minimal, though I'd say my general networking knowledge is good.   My employer currently uses a Nomadix gateway router to manage their incoming connection.  The...

MattBowes by Level 1
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Hi, I have issue with our WAN Connection : command intercom Main server -->Router-->modem-->--Internet-->Modem-->Cisco router--> Command Intercom Branch server.   Once I have the issue or small packet drop from internet connection and internet come u...

Hi All,    I am a newbie who has picked Networking just Last Week for career change, mostly reading on my own.   I have few very basic questions which I would like your help with. These may seem stupid to learned ones but please bear with me. I am pu...

JRS by Level 1
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Hi ,   we have several cisco devices deployed in network, and using cisco prime to monitor these devices.   Can anybody tell me how prime is calculating input and  output errors/discards?   Top N Interface Errors and Discards      Device NameDevice I...