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I have a trouble with NAT connection on Cisco 2911 ISR. I cannot connect to the NAT port from PC on same VRF. But it connection work properly if I try do it from another VRF on same router. Can you help me fix it? Spoiler version 15.2 service tcp-kee...

vrf bug.png

there is a way to terminate the SIP calls, it happens that calls get stuck and I need to restart the router to be able to remove the connections.#show call active voice compact <callID>  A/O FAX T<sec> Codec       type        Peer Address       IP R<...

Hello,   I have a WAN of 200 hosts (domain users with limited profiles), and some users connect their laptops to the port and connect to the WAN and internet, I want to restrict computers that are not from the domain from connecting to the WAN.I'm us...

kazarsm by Level 1
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  Hello Friends,     I am looking to achieve WAN Redundancy with GLBP & IP SLA to track the ISPs. Please find below the design for the branch office. It's connected to the Head Office via MPLS from two ISPs.     Most branches have active/standby sce...


Two routes have EIGRP neighbor established over GRE interface but they are not learning the full routes in its neighbor's table.Here are the config and show:<old-denhav1012>!router eigrp 113 redistribute connected route-map deny_connected network 10....

frank by Level 1
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i want to restrict certain users of the network (WAN) from getting ip address (To restrict internet connection not WAN) from the DHCP server (which is windows server 2008 r2). I need help achieving this with MAC ACLs if possible (other solutions are ...

kazarsm by Level 1
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Hello All,   We have 2 ISP connections with Public IPs /30 mask, would like to configure Bgp for redundancy with 1st ISP priority 1000 and 2nd ISP priority 100   Please suggest/Guide on the same, thank you in advance.   Router (ISR 4000 series) 

sharanb4u by Level 1
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On one of the ports on our recently upgraded switch we are getting a high number of discards. Switch we use is WS-C3650-24PD-E.   We use Solar Winds for switch/port monitoring and these discards are happening at random intervals.  Last few days there...