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Resolved! Max Throughput ISR 4331 Booster Lic can handle

Hello Folks, From ISR 4K Series Data Sheet  ISR 4331 with boost license's throughput is over 2Gbps. 4431 boost lic throughput is over 4Gbps.Well, 4331 should not able to hit 4Gbps, right? So what is "OVER 2Gbps" ?I can not find in any other cisco doc...

Lapta by Beginner
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Troubleshoot CPU cisco C6807-XL

Hi Community, I'm trying to troubleshoot a CPU issue with the cisco 6807-XL . This device seems to have 6 x vCPU, I want the mapping for each vCPU, but I didn't find any line command that helps to understand that. I attached a screenshot of what I'm ...

zizou6500 by Beginner
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I am looking for an SNMP Views Lab to practice

I need to practice views exclusion/inclusion I've done some searching on my own. I am asking if anyone has anything they remember working on and can point me in the direction of an SNMP view lab/tutorial/guide to where I would be able to get some pra...

hfakoor222 by Participant
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Routing table remote routes question.

I got this answer wrong in an essay question.Question - " In a routing table, why does a remote route have a ip address " We were to assume this was an ethernet network. My answer - The IP in the routing table is used for arp, so the packet can be en...

khabkean by Beginner
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WAN Interface in VLAN COnfiguration

Hallo,I have an ISR 1100 Router connected to two C9200 switches. However, I have observed that all three devices are flapping a lot. On checking further, one of the C9200 ports connected to the ISR router's WAN port (Gi0/0/0) is in VLAN800 but Gi0/0/...

JoyWN by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP routing / looping

Hi all In the below design - r1 is doing ebgp peering with r2 and r3r2 and r3 is advertising to r1  r1 -> r3 is the selected path to reach Assuming that prefix filtering of any kind is NOT setupq1) is it normal for r1 to b...

SJ K by Contributor
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IPSEC Tunnel

Hi Team, I want to create an IPsec tunnel between Meraki mx64 and Cisco Router C8200. Is it possible? We have broadband link at router end and lease line at firewall end.

Cisco 2911 Web Gui

Hello all, just acquired a Cisco 2911K from work. Just spent the last day or so learning how to factory reset it, barely assign IP's to the 3 ports. Most times I have to reset it and start over from scratch. My main question is, setting this up for w...

Goatster by Beginner
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