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Hi I am trying to enable routing on cisco 9000v for intervlan routing betwen two vlans.I am trying to enable routing as explained in different articles using ip routing command however this command doesn't work as there are other options that need to...

nsom by Beginner
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Resolved! GRE

Hello guysGRE by itself is clear text not much secure tunnel to carry multicast, for better security we combine IPSEC with GRE.If I only use IPsec without GRE tunnel, can I still carry multicast or in other word, can i connect to remote site through ...

M.Sultan by Spotlight
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before I post this I have checked the community for similar request, but I couldn't find something working for my situation. I have 2 sites one of them has 1 router facing 2 ISP, I need to make them active/active for 2 LAN networks splitting them usi...

adel85 by Beginner
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 I was trying to configure CEF on gns3. The above are tow screenshots of the lab.From the debug output above we can see the ICMP packet is routed via FIB.The FIB and adjacency tables are used by CEF to forward packets in hardware.But the command sh i...

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 20.00.36.png Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 20.00.46.png
reetesh by Beginner
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Hi, Here I facing the issue on the cellular connection. When the router rebooted the link got connected after that automatically getting down with in a 5 seconds. Here I share the log on below, Kindly assist  Chat script  :  chat-script gsm "" "ATDT*...

I have a C8200-IN-4T router that i would like to deploy to one branch, however i have a concernThe router ships with a NIC card with four ethernet ports, how can i make the NIM card ports routable?I intent to connect my LAN switch to that port

amutua17 by Beginner
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In this topology Routers are configured as given in the diagramRouting Protocols used,B/W R0, R10, R7 ospf i have configured tap4 using iptables to nat and forward the traffic to my physical network adapter, which is connected to question...

ashz14387 by Beginner
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I remember a while back I saw a doc about following restriction in similiar wording about port-channel/etherchannel supportiveness on the ISR 4K. "It is not supported to build an etherchannel with member ports from different modules." I have a 4451-x...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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The company bought 2 C8300-2N2S-6T and I'm reviewing the Cisco information  for this Router and I can see that this Router has 4 UTP Port but one of this port is for management purpose?  According to Cisco the Interfaces built it with this Router are...