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Hi ASR1006 can work  with ASR1006-PWR-AC  or ASR1013/06-PWR-AC. I want to make sure if ASR1006 can work with ASR1006-PWR-AC + ASR1013/06-PWR-AC  together ? Does  ASR1006 work together with these different  power supply models ? Regards, Michael

Hi all, After much searching I can't seem to find others with the same issues I am seeing.  Hopefully you can spare some time to suggest what could be the issue. We have a Australian NBN connection (FTTP) and a 2921 router. According to the isp the ...

Resolved! NTP questions

Hi every body. Please consider the following example: R5 ( NTP Client)-----SW--- ( R2)-----R1( MASTER :                                                                 --- ( R3)-----R1( MASTER: ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hi! Recently I get error on one of my routers: %PLATFORM-5-ECC_MSG: A corrected single bit error has occurred in L2C Data Cache at location 0x86 Router: Cisco CISCO1941/K9 Image: c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M4.bin While it happens, CPU skyrocket...

Shadow-82 by Beginner
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Hi,   we are migrating from PPPoE to leased line and Asa has got PPPoE settings in the config. we have got IP address and gateway on the leased line and I wanted to know how I could remove PPPoE settings and add leased line IP address and gateway etc...

I was doing some sniffing of my network and noticed that my EIGRP hello packets are being sent/seen to all my internal switches. How can i stop this? Do I just make the internal vlans a passive interface or is there another way?

Dear Experts, I have the following design: Cisco 3850 switch----(10G)--->Cisco 6800 switch----(10G)--->Cisco ASR920----(1G)--->WAN Traffic is classified and marked on the Access layer 3850 switches. Cisco 6800 Trust DSCP and configure Ingress/Egres...

Hi all, We have 3Mbps Internet link connected to Cisco Router. The router has GRE tunnel to remote site. Most of the time Internet usage hit maximum, causes my VPN performance drop, even though actual VPN traffic is less than 100Kbps. Because the ma...

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