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Asr9k flowspec

Hi,I read Xander document about flowspec, it was very helpful (thanks), but i neeed to ask something1. I have version 5.1.3, and i saw in the blog that cisco start support asr9k flowspec only in version 5.2 i search it in cisco feature navigate but i...

iBGP & eBGP Turn up

Hi all,We are deploying couple new router and setting up eBGP and iBGP, but having issue with routing table size on one the routers.Here is some problems I need to resolve during migration.1. R1 have two upstream provider and we are  accepting entire...

l.rosas by Beginner
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CSR1000v throughput licensing

I do not see the ability to upgrade the throughput licensing.  Does the CSR1000v allow for the stacking of licenses per instance or do we require the customer to purchase a completely new license?

VLAN and router

Hi guys!My ISP gave to my 2 VLANs: Vlan 1 to all my PCs and VLAN 201 to the phones.I want to separate the office into multiples vlan per department, and planning to put a router so i can connect between departments.My problem is the phone's vlan:Can ...

Multiple routes on 6880 (VSS)

How to create failover for a default route? Here below is description of what I would like to achieve:I have ip route pointing to (which is an interface of the firewall, this allows user to access internet thro...

cisoc wan optimisers

Hi Guys, I have read a bit about wan optimiser and trying to make sense of the following from the article below: Ta...

cisco8887 by Explorer
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Hi ! I have a router RV042. Serial Number : NKS10490236Firmware version : (Jan 28 2011 18:39:04) CPU :    Intel IXP425-266 DRAM :    32M Flash :    8MActually I have a question. There are some new models firmware for my router? And if...

yadenis77 by Beginner
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2901 as a CA server

I have a 2901 running c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M4 and it is acting as our CA server. We have quite a few remote routers that use this 2900 for certificate enrollment. Now we are seeing the following in these remote routers:Oct 14 2015 19:26:37....

Jason P. by Beginner
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Resolved! VLAN implementation

I need fresh input for networking issue I cannot seem to get straight in my head.I am trying to implement multiple VLANs on our network and I understand VLANs, and inter-VLAN routing, but cannot wrap my head around what happens to that segmentation w...

tim.gross by Beginner
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Resolved! Multihoming - Null Routes and iBGP

Consider a multihoming scenario with two routers (R1 and R2) which are peering with each other over an iBGP session. Both routers are in turn peering with different ISPs (ISP1 and ISP2) over eBGP. The subnets being advertised are (ignore use of priva...