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Question about ACLs for Crypto map

In the examples I have found on setting up L2L IPSec connections when they create the traffic matching ACL for the crypto map they show a single subnet to single subnet ACL and just flip the source and destination for the other side.For example:Route...

lostngone by Beginner
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PPPOE AND Hotspot differences and ASR capacity

Hi dears,could we have about 100000 concurrent hotspot connection in one ASR-1002x box?and what is the maximum number of PPPOE concurrent connection in one ASR-1002x box?and if someone want to use ASR-1002x with ISG  features in that case what is the...

me_noori by Beginner
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Problem in Dual ISP on cisco 1941.

Hello, i have cisco 1941 router. i configured as below even i can able to ping my WAN ip which is on gig0/0 ( ISP1) but can not able to ping my  gig0/1 ip address (ISP 2). from client site whoever on ISP one there is no problem everybody can go on in...

Cisco ASA 5510_Inbound and out bound config

Hi Friends,As we required one testing, we wanted to reach the network inbound to outbound.Created one network in interface 0/1 as inbound ( and to that port connected one pc ( created one more network in interface 0/0 as o...

Redundancy Configuration in CISCO Router

Dear All,Hello! I'm running a ISP. I have a CISCO 7204 Router. I take bandwidth from an IIG. They provide me two peering IP block (main and backup) and I configure BGP in router with one of them (main link). Config sample is given below:-------------...

arup28169 by Beginner
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Services Limitation - Block Torrent traffic

Hi All,  I want to configure service limitation for torrent traffic, i did the configuration but anyway it is not working. I mean, when i am trying to download files from torrent software, it is still downloading, please see attached!I am using Cisco...

Bandwidth utilization

Dear Friends I have big problem in my Network. I have Ironport S170 for web proxy and ASA5585 for Firewall. Network we have 6500 as CORE and 3560 Access Switch. We have 50 MB internet for 350 users. We have Office 365 and One drive for users. All our...

Routers/Switches guidelines

Hi Guys,Anybody has a link or a document for the latest/current cisco routers and switches series and models with specifications and recommendations of when to use each one? I find some documents but all are old and not updated with the new routers/s...

BGP inbound: 2 ISPs 2 Routers: Which ISP in?

We have a BGP setup with 2 ISPs and 2 routers, and are announcing one portable prefix (we own it).Our existing BGP config is very bare-bones and does no inbound tuning -- so how do can you tell why one ISP is chosen to route inbound to our prefix?   ...

Resolved! MHSRP and IP SLA

Greetings. I am trying to get MHSRP working between two locations. Here is the topology: (      C      L      O      U      D      )         |                              |         |                              |         |                          ...

Networking Services on 2911 Router with Ethernet Interface Cards & the Security bundle (IOS 15.4)

I am wondering how robust the DHCP & DNS service services are within the 2911 router with Security bundle (ISO 15.4). Within the router are two (2) Ethernet Interface Cards (2x EHWIC-D-8ESG). Aside from the time to code it all, how feasible is it to ...

jp.ward16 by Beginner
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