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Hi, I have configured a Cisco 887, I can connect to the internet through the router, but as soon as i connect PC i can't connect. i have checked that my dialer 0 comes up and i get an ip address. but i cant ping anything on the is the c...

Hi, May be my question is silly and nontechnical, but good!!!!!!  Do we need to stick with one book suppose CCNP 300-101 for Cisco RS or need to refer more for smaller topics???? One book dont give us full knowledge right so how many we should refer ...

HelloI have two questions. One is what "96UP" mean in Nexus5596UP ? it is 96 end ports ? Second please see attached picture, does this Nexus have 5 slots ? They are same speed? I did not find its datasheet yetThank you

wfqk by Level 5
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Is there any better way to advertise a route learned from an ebgp client to a different ebgp  peer visa a transit AS,I have never used route reflector will it be of any help.  NWA=========NWB=========NWC All the networks NWA,NWB and NW...

I have redundant DS3's to a private MPLS cloud on two routers with the same ASN.I have upgraded one of the routers to a FastEthernet circuit to the cloud but was handed a different ASN.Can I run both ASN's from the same location and will the metrics ...

larpmgsr by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I've been in the Cisco networking field for about 6 months now. I understand LAN switching and routing pretty well. However, my understanding of QoSing is limited despite having read about it several times and seen videos about it.  My c...

Hi thereI could really use some help for this issue. I need to implement a BRI line for voice as backup for a SIP line. However I cannot make layer 1 come up as active. I know for sure the line is working as attaching a phone to the ISDN2 line makes ...

I have two data centers interconnected through a MPLS backbone running MP-BGP (typical L3 VPN setup with two sites). If rz1n1-dc redistributes its locally configured static default route into OSPF, the following happens:- one type 5 LSA for i...

Hi!   I have a Cisco ISA570 Router, connected to a GPON Internet service that uses PPPoE. Actually we have a dynamic IP address assigned by our ISP but we like to switch to static IP. Is it possible that the ISA570 can manage multiple IP addresses th...

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