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Bonded ISDN backup

I have been tasked with designing ISDN backup for my three branch offices.I have one head office.If one of my sites looses ADSL I need the branch office to dial the head office on a 256k bonded ISDN.I can find configs for one to one dial in, but not ...


I have an 877w and it has a ADSL port on the back. I want to plug this into the pots line and use this as the DSL modem for TELUS, that part i get.What i do not get is how do i then put the 1st port as external ip X and the remainder 3 ports as ip Y....

ASR1001 BDI over IPSec tunnel

Hi,I need to bridge a VLAN (DR replication) over a  1G fibre link between 2 ASR1001's but it has to be encrypted.  I cannot assign a service  instance to a tunnel interface and bridge-group no longer exists.  Doesn  anyone know of a way to have the B...

Resolved! Multicast to unicast throught a Cisco 2921 router

hi, we recently acquire a cisco 2921/K9 router  to interface 2 networksNetwork 1 : 169.254.XXX.XXX/16 on GigabitEthernet0/0 interfaceNetwork 2 : 192.168.1.XXX/24 on GigabitEthernet0/1 interfaceon the network 1 side there is a multicast source (169.25...

yoannquere by Beginner
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Cisco 2911 port gone bad?

Hi everyone,I purchased a brand new Cisco 2911 Router and when connecting everything together I noticed an issue with my gi0/1. When I issue a no shut on both interfaces the port Gi1/0/12 would intermittently blink amber once and then go off, and it ...

Regarding IP Accounting

Hello All,This is Arijit,I just need your help regurding ip  accounting feature of cisco router." ip accounting " shows the packets are going from which source ip to which destination ip but can it show  the time frame of the communication i.e how lo...

Cisco 3845 and NM1-T3/E3 configuration

The card I have is in a 3845 router. The card is a NM1-T3/E3 DS3 card that has transmit and receive coax connections. The card is in the router and the green light is on solid for enable. When I look for the interface on the router it is not there. I...

zzbronski by Beginner
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A Design Question

Hello,So below is the current setup. Currently all the computers in the LAN is using DSL modem/router as the Internet gateway.      Cisco 1905 have got only two GigabitEthernet interface and currently one is connected to the LAN and other to the poin...

Access lists for denying Specific websites.

                   Hi Guys,I have attached a copy of one of our configs we have, now my question is this, we are trying to block specific websites, like youtube and facebook etc we have tried a few different ways however it blocks the whole internet ...

Resolved! HSRP between 2 routers with VRRP

I have 2 routers which sit outside my network that i want to connect directly into the firewall. CPE Router 1 is the active router and CPE Router 2 is the secondary. I have HSRP installed between CPE Router 1 and CPE Router 2. CPE Router 1, CPE Route...

ohareka70 by Participant
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good day fellaz.i have a 1900 router...almost new. from this morning i noticed it started hanging and upon troubleshooting i have noticed that the CPU process looks like so;#sh proc cpuCPU utilization for five seconds: 93%/31%; one minute: 92%; five ...