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Hello,I have several 7206VXR's configured nearly identically.  That I am getting input errors and overruns on my gig0/x int gig0/1GigabitEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up  Hardware is BCM1250 Internal MAC, address is 0001.975e.38...

yaplej by Beginner
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Hi,Does ip default-gateway have any effect on a L3 device such as a 2811 router? I always thought that on a L3 device the default route would supersede any such command assuming it is accepted. We have a client device that cannot be reached for manag...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Hey,The titie might confuse and let me explain here.I have 2 routers connect to 2 different ISPs for BGP. I have HSRP configured on both to form a failover redundant pair. However basing on Solarwinds, one of the 2 ISP link is loaded at the moment. S...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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I have a VPN between my home and office via a HughesNet G4 Internet connection. My most important connection is the VoIP phone. Right now I haee my phone using G729r8 codec and my download RTP stream is perfect!  However, my upload RTP stream ends up...

Hello Everyone,When do we use the following ospf commands?I've been working within GNS and it seems that ospf automatically recognizes, based on the media type, what the network type should be..So, I don't understand why these commands exist?1) Broad...

We are a service provider with an extremely large layer2 for DHCP in some areas.  I just enabled dhcp snooping on this vlan with:ip dhcp snooping vlan 8no ip dhcp snooping information optionno ip dhcp snooping verify mac-addressip dhcp snoopingDHCP s...

Hi All, First time poster so hope I have located this in the correct thread etc I am very new to BGP routing and am in need of help with the following:BGP has been setup between our Nexus 5k core's ISP router for our private IP network managed by the...

Hi's possible to use the Cisco 1751 router without any add WIC , just use the build in Ethernet port behind Linksys or other ADSL router given from ISP, and configure the Cisco 1751 to make and handiling the VPN traffic ?if yes , how can I con...