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Hi, I have an LTE router connected over vpn. I have a working gre tunnel within this connection. I can force traffic across the tunnel and load certain pages on a connected laptop on g0 interface. But instead I'd like to only use the tunnel for multi...

KGrev by Level 4
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Resolved! AAA Configuration

Hi All,I need some advice on AAA config. My switches are able to reach the RADIUS but the device still accepts only local login.Please have a look at the config and guide me on how to correct it:aaa group server radius AA-RADIUSserver-private 10.169....

Ranjita by Level 1
  • 11 replies
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Dear all; I start my CPT 8.2.1 and since Friday till now, I kept getting this maintenance screen. Did I configure something wrong?ething wrongly? It was working all along will last Friday-ish... any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

chap2020 by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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Hello, I know very little about configuring cisco hardware and need some help..... we are currently running an 1800 router and I obtained a new to me 1921 router and would like to replace the 1800 router with the newer one, I managed to get it factor...

cwasilak by Level 1
  • 21 replies
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The host for my current server (Windows Hyper-V machine with four or five VMs) that handles my email and web sites is going away. I'm planning on moving that physical server to my house and using DDNS to route that traffic in. Realize this is very lo...

Hi All,I have a network with 2 routers connected to firewalls in active/standby configuration.I would like to establish BGP peering between the routers and firewalls. The 2 routers are connected and routes will be learnt via iBGP. The issue is that i...

Ranjita by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Hi All,We have a URL which resolves to particular public ip and performance of that website is slow than expected from our office . We have a P2P link from office to DataCentre and from DataCentre it exits to internet. We observed the performance was...

Hi. We have two new ISR1111 (running on Version 17.5.1a) with bought licenses:Cisco 1100 Series with 8 LAN Ports, 200 Mbps IPSEC Throughput LicenseCisco 1100 Series with 8 LAN Ports, Security License We converted PAK licences to Smart Licences. Both ...

AnzeZ by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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Hi,I'm planning to upgrade our operating CSR 1000v software.The current version is 16.6.3 and plan to upgrade 17.3.5.I am wondering if there is any condition about upgrade path or it's possible to upgrade straight from the current version.

kay.kang by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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hi i attached file below. problem is that i connent to lans via router and config each and every thing again n again but the problem is data is sharing between lans but not to other lan network. urgent help will be appreciated. 

musama01 by Level 1
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