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eliminating unwanted chars from banner

Can't seem to get rid of extra characters in banners for either, login, motd or exec.  Do i understand the cmd properly: that the result will be the deliminiter at the start AND end of the text ?  Why can't I get rid of the extra "C" char at the star...

dgalati000 by Beginner
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PFR is not working

Please, I need a help on PFR routing.I am using a 2900 (15.2(2)T) and I am getting these messages:PFR PIRO: No parent found, network interface Tunnel1PFR PIRO: No parent found, network BR ACTIVE PROBE: Parent route not found...


All,Where does a FR switch sit in relation to a provider's network? Does it sit on the edge or behind a router? If it sits on the edge, how do I keep the customers in a VRF? Do I only map from the customers perspective to the PE router?Example:PE1 --...

Problem with "TCP Handshake"

Hello, I was doing a PPTP VPN in a CISCO 3800, and it wasn't working...not even the debug for pptp isakmp gave any just failed connecting to the VPN concentrator (the cisco 3800). At frist I thought....well connectivity problems...some fir...

Router and DHCP

Hi All;Is it possible to have a DHCP server per each interface on the router? Or ability to have two DHCP Servers per router, where each DHCP to be associated with one network Interface?From the other side, the DHCP server at the router, if I have a ...

Resolved! Output drops even low input rate

Hi Expert,I found increasing of total output drops and output queue drops even input rate was low and no qos apply on this interface. I plan to increase hold queue out for output queue. I'm unsure it would help. Appreciated all feedback. Thank you.Ro...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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Resolved! Zone Based Firewall and HSRP

All,I have a retail customer that has 2 routers at each store location running HSRP.  Each router has a T1 to the internet and a DMVPN tunnel back to corporate and both routers are running ZBF. Under normal circumstances this works well.  But in a fa...

IPv6 Subnets

All,I understand the / notation for masking, but here's what I don't think I have a full grasp on.Suppose we have a /64 network of 2001:1000:1000:1000::/64. That leaves 2^64 for the amount of hosts or allows for breaking this block further into small...

Multiwan router with NAT

Hi,I'm looking for a solution in order to connect some adsl connections. I know the Rv016 router which permits to connect up to 7 wan link but i need more, about 10-12 adsl connections. I need to increase my download bandwidth for my lan.I need the s...

Unexpected Frame-Relay results

Hello all,I have a simple home lab with a simple WAN connection going through a 2522 acting as a Frame Relay switch. I have managed in the past to get full connectivity but am unable to recreate it now. Please can you show me where I might be going w...

Cluster ID in avoid the LOOP

Hi, understood the working concept of Cluster ID when having multiple RR's with multiple clusters, but Could you pl provide the practical scenario where there is a chance of loop and how cluster ID will help in avoiding the loops..Thanks, Rajesh.M

Egress Queuing on Catalyst 6500

hi,i have a question regarding egress queuing on cat6500 modules. e.g. WS-X 6704 has 1p7q4t is egress-modell. my goal is to limit the priority queue to 15% of the available bandwidth. i can put weights on the wrr-queues and limit their ressources: "w...