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Resolved! iBGP routing

All- we have a client that has a data center in Boston and a DR in New York with more than 10 site-to-site VPN tunnels. Each remote site runs IPSec with GRE tunnel with BGP connected to the Data Center in Boston. The client requests to build the fail...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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The client has two sites, each site with Internet and MPLS circuits and routers.I have a quick question on inbound failover practice and recommended way to failover.If the ISP fails at primary site and the traffic goes to secondary site over the MP...

Hi all.I looked but could not find any information on what's the use of the USB interface on my 2801 router. I saw something about Cisco USB memory module and eToken by Aladdin. Is this interface restricted to Cisco and Aladdin only? Thanks.

vincent-n by Participant
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Dear,I have Giga Ethrnet Interface in 3845 CISCO router and I made different sub-interfaces. I have appliaed wccp in the main iterface as well as in sub interfaces. However, I have noticed that wccp worked with some sub-interfaces and not working wit...

alshamlan by Beginner
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Hi all,I have a Cisco 1841 serving as a connection between my ISP and my Firewall (non Cisco).I seem to be having performance issues with my traffic going through the Router.HTTP (web browsing) is fine andI get my download rate as I would expect for ...

Hi For 124 network i have given the local prefernce value as 300 but when i excuted the command value is not displaying ?But 500 value is displaying .route-map AIR, permit, sequence 10  Match clauses:    ip address prefix-lists: DEFAULT  Set clauses:...

Hi allI am looking into putting 2 internet connections on different sites. I use EIGRP in my network. at the moment we just redistribute a static route into the network. If I want to introduce another internet router on my other site, can I just redi...

Team,i am stuck on some design issues, attached is diagram, in Red enclosed area,i am acting as a Partner in this case, so bottom area is mine.There are two main requirements.1-Partners will run an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) of their choice whic...

Hello ,       I have a internet router 2921  .my isp is providing 100 mbps internet link with static public ip network .I am using a default static route to the isp wan ip .I am planning to  upgrade 100 mbps to 114 mbps .Unfortunately my isp doesnt  ...

There is a router with three OSPF neighbors.  Recently, all routes that would use one particular neighbor were removed from the routing table.  The OSPF neighborship stayed up, but the routes were gone.  All the OSPF database info was still there, bu...

inoc_noc by Beginner
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Got this shared outbound 1 Mbps satellite link used by two remotes sites, inbound uplink is fixed dedicated 512Kbps to each.They both connect to core using ipsec/gre tunnels through the same physical gigabit ethernet interface.What I am trying to acc...