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Hello everyone,how I can do a ip sla when my origin is the owner router ?for exemplo, I have Ip sla ( route-map ) matching packtes inputting from my FastEthernet that router. but I wish match packets ,which, are generated from owner router.follow a e...

Hello all,I have a funny problem and it is taking up my whole time.I am doing a hub and spoke network through and ipsec vti.after I have done the configurations, all works well but funny enough, I cannot access yahoo or cisco from the spoke. All othe...

I have cisco 2801 with  ios ipbase-mz.124-1c.bin   .All my lan used the cisco 2801 for nat and go to internet.but when over time and the number of translations increases all lan internet runs out. to solve the problem we must reboot the router.We bel...

kalderini by Level 1
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Hello,Our 2811 WAN router is experiencing a high volume for huge buffer misses with some failures. Should we look into the automatic buffer tuning command as our IOS supports it. Does the router need to be reloaded after? Has anyone exeprienced any i...

nfordhk by Level 1
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We're having some numbers ported over to us and we'd like to verify that we are in fact receiving all of the numbers at our SIP gateway.  Since we have been getting more and more activity on this router, I'm becoming more concerned about using certai...

Dave Agro by Level 1
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I am working on my FINAL for my CCNP class, and I have everything set up and working except one MAJOR part. I am supposed to be able to ping from the lo1 on R1 to lo1 are R6. EIGRP, BGP and Multiple OSPF areas are being used. I can ping from R6 to R1...

GanioG-42 by Level 1
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Two companies are merging with identical address space. Company A needs to talk to servers on Company B side with the same addresses and vice versa. What steps from both the NAT and routing perspective need to take place in order to establish bi-dire...

Hi, I am looking for the procedure of the router 3900 series failover. I have got two 3900 series router with the same ISO and other interface cards. What are the main things that I should watch ? Does the standby router takes the same ip of active r...

Just wondering if anyone has seen this and what their thoughts are WiSM blade is in port one of my 6509:Firmware compiled 03-Jun-11 12:45 by integ Build [100] Oct 19 21:35:22.443: %SYS-CFC1-5-RESTART: System restarted -- Cisco IOS Software, c6lc2 Sof...