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Routing Options

This was a tricky one to catergorise as it comes under, LAN, WAN and VPN.Please see attached doc.I am planning to connect a number of global branch office sites via DMVPN. Each will have a prefered DC based on geo location and this will be prefered a...

Resolved! Issues about EIGRP between two core switches

HelloPlease find the part of basic information about my current network design from below:1. Test-core-01    Vlan 110:    Vlan 901: Test-core-02    Vlan 110:    Vlan 901:'m ...

cole xu by Beginner
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Resolved! 2951/3925 Throughput

Hi all,I was on the phone with Cisco Pre-sales team and they told me 2951 has a throughput of 75Mb/s and 3925 100Mb/s. Can anyone confirm this numbers please? They look very low to me. I'm just looking for unencrypted traffic.Regards,Reza

Resolved! ISR G2 route entry capacity

Hello,What's the maximum of route entry capacity of the ISR G2(1941,2921,3925)?I couldn't find any reference to the info..It's depend on the memory..?Is there any docs to this? links?Regards,Tomoyuki

Help upgrading Cisco 1841 IOS

We're going to be replacing an 1841 router this afternoon, but RMA 1841 router will need to have it's IOS upgraded. Need to figure out how to configure the old cisco router to be able to copy the IOS to the new cisco router across the LAN. Any inform...

petersonja by Beginner
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Hi,I am working on VSS  and  I am trying to configure the VSS and i read that I need to enable sso as well as nsf and under routing protocol i need to configure nsf command ( router config mode ) can anybody explain about what is sso and nsf why is i...

BT Business Total Broadband Fibre & Cisco 1801

We have been offered fibre to our business premeise by BT.  Note this is fibre to the BT cabinet in their exhange and then exiisitng copper to work. We currenlty use ADSL lines from BT connect into a Cisco 1801 router.  We use VPN in Cisco 1801 for s...

garethboyd by Beginner
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Resolved! pbr-based Dialer

hi,i am struggling for a simple issue, i have bgp between remote & hq site, able to receive routes from hq.ADSL is up & configured to take internet traffic from branch networks from interfaces fa0/0.40 OR fa0/0.41 & can ping from branch ro...

native vlan

need some clarificationnative vlan is used to pass frames untagged over trunk linksis there any reason I should allow the native vlan to pass over the trunk? . or I can permit only the vlans I actually use andnot permit the native vlan in the trunk i...