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Second PVC on Cisco 867 Router Setup

Hi,For VOIP purposes I need to setup a second PVC (ATM PPPoA) witin my Cisco 867 config. My provider provide me with two ATM connections (using the same line), but the problem is I can't find a good setup guide for this issue. Biggest problem...Iam a...

Cisco 867 Switch mode only?

Hi,Is it possible on a Cisco 867 to configre each port individualy, or only by using Vlan's? Everytime I try to assign a IP to an individual port I get the message: 'IP Address may not be configured on L2 links'. I have tried the following:# Config T...

Virtual Tunnel Interface using EIGRP

We are using EIGRP to propagate routes thru VTI with IPSEC from our HQ to our branches, using 3 provider. On one of the link, the EIGRP is often down and comes up right away ( flapping ? ) thus making our link unstable and slow. we are using a same c...

Resolved! Question about PPP multilink(with Debug message)

Hi,friends,I want use PPP multilink binding 2 E1 interface,My device is cisco 7609 + SIP-400 + SPA-8XCHT1/E1, other side is H3C MSR 5060. After the configuration,I found the 2 E1 interfaces are UP UP , but the interface multilink is Down  Down?Here i...

houbochen by Beginner
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Resolved! Disaster recovery Failover

Hello,I m running with a smooth enterprise network,IT Manager is planning for Disaster recovery for the enterprise on another location.How can i setup the failover of internal enterprise application to the DR site from network point of view, IT manag...

Resolved! Internet Redundant & Load Balancing

Friends,Please find the attached,I want redundancy for internet connection , corporate bought new internet router 2800  series of  2 fastethernet interfaces  & 1 No's Layer 3 switch, My existing setup was with cisco 1841 old Internet router having a ...

Where to place this extended ACL?

hi, i need to create an extended access list to deny one host and allow other hosts to browse internet. All are connected at router's fa0/0 interface. where should be the proper place to apply the ACL? Fa0/0 inbound or as outbound to the proper Seria...


hallo,This is my router confihuration...In my local pc i am ping to router lan,wan.gateway and also dns.....but problem is my local client cannot access internet in nating configuration..So any body help me ..

ASR PPPoE Service Selection feature

Hello,Could you please help with one little question.Cisco declares PPPoE Service Selection feature for ASR here:

DSL issues related to Radius server?

Hi ThereIf I looked at a router I got the log below:router 878Access SDSLIOS c870-advipservicesk9-mz.124-6.T5.binWhen a router rebooted we can see that the vi2 and vi3 were not coming up together which means the ppp session is still down during that ...

BGP Route Selection - oldest

Is there any way to determine the age of a route/prefix in a bgp table?Once a path has been selected as "best", is there a direct way of determining the criteria that actually drove the selection?Most of the criteria can be seen in a "sh ip bgp prefi...

Resolved! Cisco IOS NAT PAT and SIP with Dual Redundant ISP

Ok, so I have an 1841 router.  Router is doing PAT for inside hosts and phones, and is  connected to two ISPs. Solution desired is that one of the ISPs get used  as a "backup".  So SLA policies go in, and voilla.  It fails over and  starts using the ...

Robert Ho by Beginner
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