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BGP Routing and VPN Access

I am trying to configure BGP based routing between two sites using two ASA 5506Xs. Routing between most of the sites works fine. The one exception is the VPN networks. The subnets are configured using the Client Address Pool setting in the AnyConnect...

Shijune by Beginner
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Upgrade path not available

Hi, We have a CISCO1921/K9 with IOS file c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-3.T.binWe want to upgrade to c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M8.bin, latest release by cisco.I checked the release notes but the link for the 1900 series routers isn't working.  htt...

OSPF help

Hi all,Can somebody please help me understand what is being advertised from this router over ospf: !interface Loopback0description ConnectionToBranchip address!!router ospf 1redistribute static subnets route-map STATIC-PER...

Jeza-925 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP multipath selection query

Hello Experts, I have a query wherein i have 3 equal cost paths from 3 different ebgp neighbors for a specific subnet. In the BGP configuration hierarchy i have configured the following 'maximum-paths 2' I can see the router installing 2 best paths i...

PD92 by Beginner
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License installation on cisco c1111-4P

Hi there,I'm trying to install a security license on my cisco 1111P,  I have a .lic file in the flash but when I try to install the router is not recognize the commands, "just accept license smart register idtoken"Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.09...

JRGC by Beginner
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Resolved! Maximum BGP table size in ISR 4551 & 4331 with standard data plane DRAM (2 GB)?

The headline says it, really. We're running an MPLS network using BGP for routing and the number of prefixes in our routing table is set to increase considerably, for boring and irrelevant reasons. I can't seem to find a definitive source listing a ...

Cisco IOS upgrade through USB - 4451 Router

Hi Team, Good Evening! i am not able to upgrade the IOS in 4451, i have completed the below 4 steps. please advise? Image attached for reference. Step1    HQ#dir usb0:Step2    HQ#copy usb0: isr4400-universalk9.16.06.09.SPA.binupStep3   HQ#dir flash:S...

dinesh4217 by Beginner
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Migration from IOS XE SDWAN to VIPTELLA

Hello all, i have some standalone routers (1100-4G)that i have been asked to install VIPTELLA 20.3.3 onto They are currently running IOS XE SDWAN isr1100be 17.4.1a Having looked all morning but without any luck, is there any documentation on how to a...

gaz110480 by Beginner
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Where does gateway of last resort come from?

There's a Cisco 9200 switch, when I do show ip route,It states "Gateway of last resort is to network". is a HSRP address. However, there is no static default route in the configuration. There is a ip-default gate...

rakuten02 by Beginner
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