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Team, In my logs im getting this error over and over. Does anyone know whats going on here?The circuit is frame relayHere is the entire log error:bgp_ifachange_group: Notification sent to 10.x.x.x external AS 6xxxx code 6 (cease) subcode 6 (other co...

Resolved! OSPF design

HelloI am trying to design OSPF area and not sure what is the best way to do.There are two data centers. it is not main and backup. those two are active datacenters and remote offices need to access to those two datacenters actively every day and the...

min.lee by Level 1
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Hi I bought my first Cisco router for learning purposes. I followed blogs regarding setting up dhcp or static on WAN port but im having error % IP addresses may not be configured on L2 links. I already entered the #wan mode ethernet .   tried setting...

amb3r by Level 1
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Hi Team I need block VLANs from 4-9 & 60-69 to communicate each other, But i need them to communicate with (IT, Printer and Servers) VLAN 4: 6: 9: 60: 65:

 Hello, as far as I can tell, in IOS-XE devices there is support for MSR for Multicast --> Unicast direction but not for Unicast --> Multicast direction according to all the product docs I could find.I did hear (second-hand) that MSR does work in "bo...

JimWicks by Level 1
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I want to change the symmetrical nat of ios-xe pat to other modes.Had refer to these two docs Understand NAT to Enable Peer-To-Peer Communication on IOS and IOS-XE Routers 以及IP Addressing: NAT Configuration Guide  and changed the nat type to CGNAT, t...

ZeroCSC by Level 1
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Hi,I have three different networks in my home lab (daisy chain topology). They are seperated with two Cisco Routers (LEFT:, MIDDEL:, RIGHT: load is close to zero on all networks. Fast Ethernet is used. 1....

aregaard by Level 1
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if  Cisco router has connected route as and eigrp route as in its routing table and we want to go to user then Cisco router would select which route ?as per me ,selected route  is eigrp route due to prefix lengt...

knaik99 by Level 1
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I have tried to download a 1000v QCOW K9 (with encryption) image to assess its suitability for a project. According to a pdf found on the Cisco site, we should be able to download it , get a trial license then license it when ready. I am getting "ent...