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This is my scenario and I want to do end-to-end VoIP QoS. My L2 is a Cisco 3750, L3 being Cisco 6500 and the routers are Cisco 3825desktop --> phone --->L2 ----> trunk ------> core ----> router ---> router ---> core ---> trunk ---> L2 --> phone --> ...

saimbt by Level 1
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I have exchange server internal address addressed to external address I am recieving emails but when sending, it looks like it is using .130 address (pool). How can I force it to go out .133 I have tried ip nat insid...

Once I am in VPN tunnel, I can't Ping or Telnet to the ASA using Inside interface IP.Below is the partial configuration: telnet Outsidetelnet Insidetelnet timeout 10ssh Insidessh...

mahanya00 by Level 1
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Hi, I just want to confirm with an expert about CEF. I am configuring policy based routing and I read that if I use policy based routing, the fast switching will not work on some of the commands such as set "ip default next-hop" and "set default inte...

bsudol79p by Level 1
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Hi All,In my Pix firewall(535) I can easily check the connection/Traffic flowing through it with the SHOW CONN command. I am looking for this type of command in router (2800/3800 Sr.). Can any body tell me which command should I use to check the traf...

Problem: When placing an outbound call the call appears to process but nothing happens. The display shows "ring out" and then "connected" Calling party cannot hear called party, no static, no dead air, nothing. Called party can hear the caller. S...

Hi everyone how are things? I have a quick quesiton here. I'm trying to create a ebgp-multihop connection but the problem is it never establishes. I don't have any access-list on the interface so it is wide open, I've been looking at this for a whil...

wgranada1 by Level 1
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Hi all,Our company turned up two (subrate 9mb) MPLS DS3 circuits at a remote site last weekend. I've noticed a few CRC errors on each circuit, but it doesn't appear to have any affect on performance. We've tested the load, and have no complaints from...

msrohman by Level 1
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All,Does anyone know which WIC/VWIC card one needs to use to interface with an NTT I-1500DSU? We are going to be running a PRI-ISDN line off of it and don't know if the VWIC-1MFT-T1 card we have will work with it.Thanks in advance for any responses!

Hi, I'm new to Cisco h/w and have been self training on reconfiguring a 1721 router with a 1DSU T1 WIC. The router was originally for our internet connection. The left slot has the above WIC the right slot is empty. What I want to do is simply use th...

I have a little question about how router forward a packet destined to a subnet id. consider this scenario,with the following line in the routing table.C is directly connected, Serial0/1S to now if a packet with dest...

kthned by Level 3
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Hello,Yesterday i was looking one of our router's EIGRP Topology table and i found out some interesting entries as you can see below from the output of the show ip eigrp topology all-links command:P, 0 successors, FD is Inaccessible,...

jgtheodor by Level 1
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