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When I try to create subinterface on XR 3.6, i get the following:RP/0/8/CPU0:PH482-EA1(config)#RP/0/8/CPU0:PH482-EA1(config)#int Te0/0/1/0.?<0-4095> RP/0/8/CPU0:PH482-EA1(config)#int Te0/0/1/0.Are they serious that it no longer supports 4 billion su...

Hi Friendmy question is ACL working in unidirection or bidirection ? if it working in unidirection , how return traffic is allowed ?if it is unidirection and if i using TCP as protocol how ACK signal allowed ?-V

Hi.I am trying to setup a following scenario:1. One PPPoE session between Cisco 800 and BRAS.2. 2x PVC between Cisco 800 and DSLAM.What I am trying to achieve is to bind ATM PVC Bundle with Dialer interface, but it can't find the right method. Explic...

Hi,I had a WAN PPP Link for two routers A & B and i promoted to FR via a Frame-Relay cloud . After this change I have noticed that several times per day the Adjacency between ROUTER_A & ROUTER_B is coming down for 2-3 seconds and then coming up agai...

jgtheodor by Level 1
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Hi,I am connecting two ethernet switches together via CAT5e crossover, used for a 100BaseT network. The switches will physically sit ontop of each other.Obviously I want to keep the cable as short as possible, (20cm-30cm)I have spent hours & hours tr...

mcroft by Level 1
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Hi friends,I am with problems on the my connection ppp. I created static router, the communication between routers is established, I obtain connection to IP of the LAN port on the routers, the my problem is that I do not obtain connection the station...

Hello everyone - I have a design question that involves a Cisco ASA firewalls (2 actually, one of them is for failover), a stack of 3750 switches and a Cisco 3845 router. I am a little confused about how the equipment should be connected for optimal ...

ksarin by Level 1
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I have 2 subnets that i have setup on 2 interfaces. the 1st subnet (Company A) has internet access. the 2nd subnet (Company B) has no internet access or access to company A, from a computer on the on company b's subnet i am able to ping the firewall ...

sbohannan by Level 1
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Hi,I had three routers, R1, R2 & R3. R1 to R2 will run EIGRP. R1 to R3 will run OSPF. I managed to redistribute ospf to eigrp on R1. However, I failed to redistribute eigrp into ospf on R1. Hence, the R3 is not able to see eigrp subnets from R2.Conne...

1lumkk by Level 1
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Hi Guyshere is my diagramPBX--E1---Router1---E1---Router2--E1-PBXI set codec G729 for pbx calls to user more should I do any configuration for passing this coded between R1 and R2?or the router r1 acts with them as data?

emadehsan by Level 1
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