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Hey,I need to configure a Cisco out band connection for our 3640 routers. Where do I begin? I have a group async configured for ISDN backups for clients dialing in.!interface Group-Async1 ip unnumbered FastEthernet0/0 no ip redirects no ip unreachabl...

I've dowloaded the SDM software and tried to install on my 3640 router but it failed. I've checked whether 3640 supported on the website and SDM supports this model of router. The IOS version of my router is 12.1(5)T9.Will upgrading the IOS solve my ...

bgtabudlo by Beginner
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Hi,My company is having troubles getting a LX GBIC working in an 4506. We are trying to connect a WAN link (Fiber) to our distribution switch 4506.We use an Agilent HFCT5611 1000BASE-LX GBIC, but it is recognized as an 1000BASE-LH and gives no connec...

GJdeBoer by Beginner
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Hello, I hv two ISP connection. ISP1 peering has done on one router for 3 of my networks(x.x.x.x). ISP2 peering has done for one network (y.y.y.y) on another router.HSRP is running between these two routers. I am advertising all my 4 networks via b...

Hello,I am debating whether to go with the 7600 or the 6500. Are there any differences in the backplane? I know there are differences in some of the modules that are supported, but other than the modules... is there a performance difference?Thanks,Le...

lxcollin1 by Beginner
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dear all,is it possible to use diff 30 channels using this card. on both the ports can i create 30+30 total of 60 channels.please give me some details.i wil rate all the posts RegardsBinoy.

Hi, We have a hub and spoke typology and running OSPF. I would like to implement route filter at the hub so that spoke can't just advertise any unauthorized network to the hub. I read up the SAFE white paper and it stated that distributed-list won'... by Participant
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hi everybodyi just want to know why we disable IP bootstrap protocol on routers & if it is for security issue can anybody explain me ? & how to do itthank you

I want to run BGP on the core switchesand eigrp internally. for this i am redistributing BGP into EIGRP so that i have a preferred path to the core.Do i need to redistribute EIGRP back into BGP so that site 1 learns site 2 routes and vice versa. IS t...

Hello everyone,Here my current situation.I currently have 3 ISP providers, 2 of them are our own and the other is provide by our parent company through the WAN link, I also Have two Physical Segments, 10.10.4.x and 10.10.8.x each is assighed its own ...

l.ruiz by Beginner
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I have a 8 sites connected via 2 MPLS-VPN WAN clouds with different providers. Each site has 2 WAN routers each with a DS3 to a different provider. R1 connects to MPLS-1, R2 connects to MPLS-2. R1 and R2 connect into Layer3 switch in the LAN core. ...

amvita by Beginner
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I'm trying to create what I think is a fairly straightforward configuration, but I'm stuggling to find examples, etc to help me out.I have an existing router attached to a broadband device that is supplying 192.168.1.x natted addresses behind it. Wh...