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ISR 4331/k9配置完成后,在主机上可以ping通外网的IP地址和域名;而网上的电脑上可以ping通外网的IP地址,解析域名。主机上的IP名称服务器配置了本地运营商的DNS。同样的配置在2911上一切正常,更换成4331后出问题。求解,还有哪里没弄好?

hi  can some one give me a brief example on how to achieve the following: i have an lte connection to the outside on which i have forwarded a bunch of ports i have an application running on one of my internal host on port 443 i cant change ...

ino by Level 1
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Hello, doing a practice assignment and I am having issues with OSPF as my routers are not communicating. When I do the broadcast networking, the IP address I add changes and I am not sure why. Please tell me what I am missing I feel like a moron. Thi...

FrancoJ by Level 1
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between these 2 modes, what is the reason not to use sparse-dense mode since it can provide fallback to dense mode and enable multicast to work in event when RP router is down? i don't get it. please enlighten.

I have a Cisco 4500x-32SFP with ios cat4500e- Universal K9.SPA.03.11.04.E.152-7.E4 and i have a tunnel in my 4500x. my incoming traffic is from Tunnel interface and outgoing traffic is from TE 1/15 and problem is that my user can not browse the websi...

Ebrahim by Level 1
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