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Joining Lan-to-Lan tunnels

Hi, we have 2 Lan-to-Lan VPN tunnels connected to our Cisco 3000. These 2 (let's call my network A & them B & C) networks use non-Cisco firewalls to connect. They can both ping IP addresses on my network but connect ping server on each other. So ...


hello everyone,What we normally configure ip addresses of serial interface is by putting both addresses in one network and using /30 as there subnet mask.I want to know if we dont configure ip address and use ip unnumbered (suppose) ethernet0,then ho...

a.kachroo by Beginner
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mac address aging out

i configure cisco7613 that use different vlans to service different group of users but when i use command "show mac-address dynamic vlan **" try to show how many dynamic mac address have been learn within specific vlan , i found none , there is no a...

Can't get my 836 to connect

Hello allI've been battling this issue for two days now and now I'm compelled to ask for help. I'm a t-online subscriber in Germany and I've tried almost every config I could, but the ADSL just doesn't want to connect. Here is the config. I apprec...

7500 Series Password Recovery

Hi everybody,We have a 7507 Router in WAN (hub and spoke) with 75 branch and we missed the enable secret password. we´ll do password recovery procedure and we have some doubts about the procedure. As it´s show below ...."... Cisco Internetwork Operat...

aseijas by Beginner
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Frame Relay latency

I have two serial interfaces terminated at Frame Relay switch. I am reciving large latency when I try t ping using larg packet size. does anyone know whyI am using extend ping and 1200 for P sizeThanks

mselim2000 by Contributor
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Frame relay & Internet connection

I have setup a Cisco 1721 router to connect via frame-relay to my service provider.From the router I can ping anywhere including Domain names.From my workstation I can ping both router interfaces but not across the frame-relay link and I cannot acces...

wananga01 by Beginner
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Can Someone Decipher This

Hello:Can someone decipher this for me.Cisco 3725-3T1-2EN. Is this specific to CISCO or something our vendor dreamed up. Thanks

dj214 by Beginner
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L2tv3 Configs?

I'm trying to extend a subnet from Locatio A to Location B over the WAN (MPLS telco cloud) using L2tv3. Does anyone know where to find goods config examples?

ddisalvo by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF question

From new york router which will be my ABR/ASBR, I have redistributed ospf 200 with a default metric of 10 and from nycore router I've redistributed ospf 1000 default metric 10. When I show ip route on corertr1 i see the O IA route for

Deny ICMP issue

Dear all,PC---router---Internet....In what situation, if I deny ICMP that would result in "request time out" and "destination unreachable" if a PC is ping to a Internet pingable host?1. what icmp ACL in LAN/WAN interface and which direction.Thanks a ...

wmmak by Beginner
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