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Pls, refer to the document to answer the question.R1 is in different AS, R2 is in different AS.My router R has connections to both AS.Imagine: (Determine route from R to AS)1. Next hop is reachable2. Local preference is the default value which is 100...

Aneek by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP problem

i can't ping from r1 to r6 or vice versa although this routes exist in the routing tables create pingable AS1 ---------------------- conf t hostname R1 int s2/0 no sh ip add int s 2/1 no sh ip add

Screenshot (20).png Screenshot (21).png Screenshot (22).png Screenshot (23).png

 I am having 2 issues in this lab. R1 and the NXOSv are running BGPOn the Nexus the eBGP is running inside the VRF “TEST”R2 is running EIGRP with the NXOSv (Global table of the NXOSv) Issue 1: I am unable to leak EIGRP routes in the BGP – I do not se...


Hey Guys,I have configured BGP multipath to get BGP load balancing between two ASs on my company.The scenario is in annex. Basically i have two routers interconnected with 2 links running in different ASs.BGP multipath was configured so that i could ...

We have a project for a client, where it interconnects 2 concentrators with ASR1001, plus 16 branches with ASR920 4SZ-A, all units are inside a vrf in Algar's MPLS network and Tunnels were created to separate the traffic from these clients, however w...

Hi newbie here... Just recently started on an all around IT job for a small company. I noticed the router's IOS were way behind. Latest seems to be : Release 15.7.3M6 MD Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.6(3)M, RELE...

Hello Everyone, I wanted to ask whether BGP multipath feature works for a route learned from eBGP and iBGP neighbors. Please see the topology below. In this topology, Router C learns from A via eBGP and from D via iBGP. Can both paths (via...

YHam by Beginner
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Configuring OSPF neighborship between ACI and Catalyst 4507 switch but the neighbors are stuck in Exchange/DR. The MTU on ACI is 9000 by default and on Cat4k is 1500. I did configure 'mtu-ignore' on both sides and still unable to bring the neighbor u...

I'm having an issue where my ASA isn't advertising routes in eigrp. The interface is up (Gi0/3),  and the network is being advertised (network in the correct autonomous system (AS 1).Its almost like the interface isn't allo...

AFlack20 by Beginner
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Working Config .. Router RV325 , only  WAN1 in use for Internet Access. LAN inside incl. DHCP 192.168.1.XXFor a dedicated IP address   Subnm a static routing is defined... to on a Cisco 80...