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I have a VPN setup that I am trying to get workling.  When I issue the command sh crypto session on both routers I get the following:OFFICE: Interface: FastEthernet0/0Session status: UP-ACTIVE     Peer: port 14275   IKEv1 SA: local 40....

I'm looking at a customer's QoS configuration, and I noticed that they identified bandwidth, instead of percentage, which adds up to something much less than the interface bandwidth. I assume that the remaining bandwidth is shared in proportion to th...

Hi all,I'm trying to wipe some old devices remotely and run into an issue.I am connected to a remote 4451 router and through the Aux I am connected to a 3945 with several hardware modules.To wipe those modules I need to go through the 3945 backplane ...

GWoodcock by Level 1
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Hi, I have a following GNS3 topology where router R1 connects to two different subnets (10.0.0.x/24) and (192.168.0.x/24). Interface g0/0 has address and g1/0 has There is ethernet switch connected on both sides on whi...

NQTIPALC1FW01# show running-config: Saved:ASA Version 8.2(2)!hostname NQTIPALC1FW01domain-name quantatech.localenable password 4ZvsdfrPqQdXyL.m1K encryptedpasswd 4asfd1rPqQdXyL.m1K encryptednamesname QuantaSBS11 description Servername 5...

jeffcao by Level 1
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Hi all,I created a simple network in Cisco Packet Tracer for testing a simulated internet access with an ASA5506 and a L3 switch.I am trying to get PC0 ping through the network but it fails with "Request timed out".ASA0 can ping L...

shugonaka by Level 1
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Hi all, Today and suddenly, I had a problem with My ASR1006, there was a logs regarding Standby processor fault, and I could not get it, here is the logs : Oct 8 00:28:47.117: %IOSXE_RP_ALARM-6-INFO: CLEAR CRITICAL xcvr container 0/0/0 Transceiver Mi...

HI All,  i have doubt in BGP. i have configured BGP and it was established. local AS number showing wrong when i check show ip bgp sum. Remote as 13500local as is 65000 when i check show ip bgp sum it showing 65001 as a local AS number. kindly help m...

Hello everyone. So we have two border routers with VRF inside of global routing we have EIGRP 195 and it has BGP Connections also. in VRF (named BRANCH) we have also eigrp 195, we have tunnels to our branch offices and they are getting default ...

SK3TCHY by Level 1
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Resolved! Port Unreachable

Hello all you awesome people, I have 2 routers (1941)  and 3 switches (3560) for my lab. Literally it's fresh out of the box, and all I've really done was setup telnet, DHCP, and messed around with port channeling and STP. Nothing more than "just to ...

Turbow5 by Level 1
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