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I am reading a bit about EIGRP in the ENCOR study guide, and I found that for a route to be considered a backup route, the Reported Distance received for that route must be less than the Feasible Distance calculated locally. This logic guarantees a l...

We have ospf set on a leaf 101 ( DC1)  to legacy router at DC2 , we want to have static route for specific host to remote side , I see that is done from the existing ospf L3out --noide profile leaf 101 and add static route ,the static route will take...

binoyb by Beginner
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Hi,   I need to adapt a Cisco Catalyst switch configuration into a new ASR9000 router and I do not know how to configure trunks and access ports on an ASR9K router.   This is the configuration of the catalyst switch I want to replace.   interface Gig...

Hello, I am working for an exercise related to NAT/PAT and OSPF etc.. . Everything works which should work apart from 1 small detail, I cannot reach my TFTP sever from my PCs and vice versa. Can anyone help me and possibly include the commands used? ...

TS40 by Beginner
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Hello, everyone.I've recently started studying BGP and I came across the concept of AS and ASNs. I understand public ASNs and the need for them. I know that if a company has a public IP block registered, it can request a public ASN from a RIR and hav...

Mitrixsen by Beginner
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Resolved! ROAS

Hi professionals, I wanted to ask, using a configuration below... Regarding the second command; the VLAN number doesn't have to match.  Regarding the third command; Does the VLAN number have to match here with the one we configured on the switch? For...

Sinosha by Beginner
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