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Resolved! BGP - RTBH (inaccessible route)

Hello guys, I'm doing Remote Triggered Blackhole routing Lab, but not working properly. Please help. Fact 1: customer is sending with community 11:666 as below. However, ip route for is not installed on the routing table because...

yrkkmg7979 by Beginner
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Filtering BGP prefixes

I am receiving routes via BGP from a cloud provider. The provider is sending overlapping routes.  For example, and  I would like to filter the component route as it's learned from the cloud provider.  So in my example, keep th...

jkaras by Beginner
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Combine two Provider circuits

Good Day, I have been searching for the best solution to combine 2 circuits for redundancy and to combine their bandwidth.   We have 2 sites currently connected via a provider circuit with 2 different paths. We would like to get another circuit from ...

sout13 by Beginner
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ASR 9001 console cable

Does the asr 9001 ship with a console cable ? The normal console cable does not seems to work ( used 115200 8N1 and No Flow).Did any one have difficulties connecting the asr 9001 for the first time ?  

Problem with IP SLA - router ISR 1905

I'm having a issue with IP SLA and TRACK, the IP SLA sometimes gets the status of timeout and TRACK stay down and returns only after I run a ping test, in my monitoring tool and testing a ping from my router I never see a ping fail, the strange is th...

ip sla.JPG ping.JPG

4500 Teaming Issue

Hi Everyone,   We're teaming between 2 4500 switches (it works as active-passive) that we deploy as backbone switches. we are teaming 2 ports from 4500 to edge switches are active while some VOIPs are done but some are not. But when we command shutdo...

unpnp17 by Beginner
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Advise with the choice of border router (ABR)

Hello.   What I would like to have:     Border is used exclusively for IPv4 routing    Two peers with BGP Full View    Ports 100GB x 2; 10GB x 6; 1GB x 4    The total traffic is about 12Gbps    Redundancy (VSS, HSRP, VRRP, ???)   At the moment, these...

aleks by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple VLANs and default route to internet

Hello,   My network is connected like this. (I left out the other switches connected to the C3560CX) [ISP modem]-[Cisco ISR C1111-8P]-[Cisco C3560CX]   The ISR is DHCP server, and running zone based firewall. The C3560CX is the gateway for the hosts ...

Osirison by Beginner
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Need help OSPF problems!!!

Hi everyone,By replacing a Cisco 1921 router with a newer router, as the existing router was in OSPF Area 0 with its neighboring routers, the entire existing configuration was copied to the new router. But we encountered problems in establishing neig...