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I am planning to replace our core switches 3750 with Cat 9500.  The plan is slowly migrating the router over to the new core switches because there is production line running on the 3750.  Do I need to create add a another subnet in the firewall to c...

abee by Beginner
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Hi Folks! Anybody tried to create CCIE LAB on AWS using CSRV devices? I just read this: "You are not charged for the first Elastic IP address assigned to an instance" so maybe we can assign one EIP to EC2 and jump to the resto of CSRV devices. Becaus...

hello im trying to simulate the network of my project : attached image has the structure i need to distribute vlans from layer3 switch ( vtp server ) to other switch ( i want to run them as client to layer3 switch)  to make the device get ip from dhc...

ag6ag by Beginner
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We are in a process of replacing a pair of 3750 with Cat 9500.  Below is the current set up, the FW using its LAN port to connect to Core router via MR switch as a host.  I would like to know what is the best practice steps for this procedure. I want...

abee by Beginner
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I loaded an ios image on a sup2 and it was corrupt..I am sitting at the rommon do I remove or what is the command I use to remove the image?greatly appreciate the help...its a 6509..c6sup22-jk2o3sv-mz.121-27b.E4.bin is the image..

ud0508500 by Beginner
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Hi All,  Currently our internet traffic is routed through an ASA and we are planning to bring in a second one as a failover the routing is configured on a Layer 3 switch, how can we configure the switch to route the traffic to the secondary asa if th...

giridar by Beginner
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I use to have a IKEv1 Connection between a Cisco 891F router and a Fortigate 200B.  I changed that to IKEv2 configuration with no issues.  I am now trying to configure an IPSEC tunnel between the Cisco 891F router and an 1841 router that can only sup...

David Lee by Beginner
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Hi,I have two layer of firewall , front end is checkpoint and back end is cisco fwsm , when i do nmap port sacn from external network to inside any host I can see port 1720 is as always open , but there is no service running in server with port 1720,...

Ok so!i am testing convergence times between routing protocols at the minute and some things aren’t adding up.  The network i am using to test these times is a fully mesh network consisting of 4 routers , 2 Computers and no switches so all routers in...

Jsixx by Beginner
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I need help with buying the above model and all the necessities to host 4 WAN links - 3 x 100Mbps WAN and 1 x 1Gbps WAN Data sheet shows built in Gigabit ethernet ports - 6 gigabit ethernet SFP pluggable ports. So I don't have to buy any other module...

utawakevou by Enthusiast
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