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 We are operating a 3 tier campus network, in simple terms, 2 cores, 2 distribution switches and 2 access switches, all multihomed and resilient.I have a new requirement for separating user traffic, from the access, across the dist and core layers an...

mrshabbs by Level 1
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Hello I have an ASA 5520 that I am trying to add an object for nat that uses a different public IP. G0/0 outside interface with public IP ( inside interface with private ip ( inside interface 2 with private ip (10.250.1...

jkay18041 by Level 3
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I hope you can help me with this scenario , im new to networking (specially Cisco ) and i cant figure how to setup the uplinks . i did try to configure the vlans but it didnt work with me . also can you advice how to setup the spanning tree. and if t...

I have a pair of ASR1006 routers each that have the following hardware:   ASR1006 chassis ASR1000-rp2 route-processor (slot0)  ASR1000-ESP40 ASR1000-2T+20X1GE    When booting one of the ASR1006 chassis #1, everything boots fine with console access.  ...

SAM R. by Level 1
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Hello. I need help. I have some Nexus 93180 as leafs in vPC domains, and Nexus 9336 as spines. As underlay network i use OSPF, iBGP with EVPN? without multicast. Leafs aggregates servers, and on one of them i use as a router between VRFs (VRF lite wi...

Krotor by Level 1
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On 2921s, PAT is used to map the outside address (port 8080)  to an inside Apache Web server (port 80).  Unfortunately, the PAT prevents access to Apache (port 80) using the inside address over an L3 tunnel.  The L3 remote endpt is the same outside a...