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Guys I am stumped with this, and honestly probably doing it wrong.  I have an ASA5516 that i am putting at an offsite location to do a point to point VPN.  My remote location has given me two ports configured as trunks with VLAN pruning to only allow...

Hello, i have cisco 6500 i need make it pppoe, i have full pppoe server in mikroik i will send you the mikrotik configuration and please change it to cisco and every line write a notice for converted line ( Code )       /interface vlanadd interface=e...

Hi All,   Is it required to have a public IP at the outside interface of firewall if VPN is configured at the firewall. The existing setup is below.   (isp)-----Public IP---- (CE Router)--------publicip---- (Firewall)   Can we have the setup as below...

Rickey369 by Beginner
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After restarting the 3750 switches, the lights on the power supply both turn green, but no lights are on the front of the switch. Is the switch now dead? Should it be replaced?  

Hello,   I need to configure my network to have an internal LAN and an external WAN, but am hitting a wall about how to do so. I created VLANs for the different departments and now I think I need to configure the external link to the ISP via EIGRP, O...

BSK922 by Beginner
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%Error copying flash:c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M1.bin (Not enough space on device) is the error message when I am trying to send to folder on my windows hard drive.

moman62 by Beginner
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Hi!   We have 2 DCN networks that we have bridged with OTV for migration. We have a couple of Linux servers running VRRP and our problem is that servers running VRRP cannot find eachother and hence VRRP not working.   What I have understood FHRP shou...

I'm having problems with one of the routers I'm configuring. when I configure the the routing options with OSPF it gives me "invalid input detected at '^'marker" as shown in the image.   I've configured some other routers of the same model and this ...

error.png error2.png
alexcrcr by Beginner
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Hello everyone, I have a question some of you experience network designers or engineers may be able to assist me in.  My current dilemma deals with the static default route for my remote branches.  My architecture is basically a dual hub with spokes....

Hi All   we are the process of changing the service provider for our WAN (5 sites + HQ). Currently its point to point with HQ and we are using static routes ( as we know not very scalable)... The new WAN will be mesh ( MPLS Layer 2)  so all the route...