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We are experiencing high traffic problems on the trunk interfaces directly connected to our Switches-Core, causing robotics call and slow systems.At first we thought it was broadcast or loop problems but we note that this happen when a DB server runs...

 What happens when the command ''ip host x.x.x.x x.x.x.x is used on a router?  Is the second address used if the first is not accessible?  I have two router, router A and router B.   Router B has two loopback address configured and there is a static ...

Can a 10G SFP+ SR optic plugged into switch "A" AUTO-NEGOTIATE to 1G to support a 1G SFP SR optic plugged into switch "B" at the other end of the fiber cable?In short, what I am asking is whether a 10G SFP+ optic (SR/LR - doesn't matter) can be conne...

visitor68 by Level 4
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I have set up of 2 x 9407 switches as a 1xfortygig uplink as SVL and a separate link for 1xfortygig uplink Dual Active Detection. When I pull the cable between the SVL, One of the switches go into recovery mode, when I restore the SVL, the switch sta...

kick534 by Level 1
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Hi guys,My name is umar , In my network i have an aggregation c6832-x-le and the access switch connected to it via FEX is c6800IA and if i want to change any thing in configuration i change it at aggregation and access switch sync. its configuration ...

Umar by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I have encounter the following issue. Two switches connected via trunk on the same native vlan.Switch A after running cdp neighbour detail: SW-GF-08#sh cdp neighbors detail-------------------------Device ID: SW-PTC-01Entry address(es):...

ziqex by Level 4
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HiRecently my team and I were trying to update the IOS on catalyst 3750 and 3850 switches and they ran into the problem of the switches not taking the IOS at all. We even tried using xmodem and somehow it made them worse. Now the switches are showing...

Jthnusmc by Level 1
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