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Hi everyoneSwitch cisco c9200l config mode stack after i power off switch and boot again.but switch reading file packeges.conf i see "Chassis 1 reloading, reason - Active/standby selection failed in 1+1 Mode" and reboot alwyas. ======================...

WanisaCh by Beginner
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Hello Team,We have configure 802.1dot1x authentication for the wired users as ise as the aaa server.when the users trying to connect, users are getting the attached message.What would be reason for the meaasage.  

Anjana A by Beginner
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Hello…i was configuring an interface which was in trunk mode, i was adding allow vlan but the interface became suspended.Th interface was also a part of a channel group. Channel group mode was on. I know I should have added the vlan to the port chann...

Hello. Network scheme is attached below.   Almost 3 months ago we've built VSS pair on 6880-X for VLAN termination (hereafter referred to as "Core").   Cisco IOS Software, c6880x Software (c6880x-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.2(1)SY4, RELEASE SO...

aleks by Beginner
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After configuring the switch and switch port, our laptop is connecting to the network but there are no logs confirming the the successful authentication in our NAC.  Is there something wrong with the configuration?  We would like to configure a range...

jmins by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,                     My Question is very simple, In my scenario I am using 2950  switch and having Vlans (10,20,and 30), I just want  VLAN 10 should be able to communicate with VLAN 20 and VLAN 30 but VLAN 20 and VLAN 30 should not be abl...

khalid166 by Beginner
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Hello! I have read about Meraki and Intersight. I have not dug deeper yet but these two platforms confuse me, both are for cloud management (deployment, monitoring, and support) of Cisco devices and network infrastructure. Could someone help to disti...

safielm by Beginner
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