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Resolved! CSMA/CD vs CSMA/CA

Hello guysI read cisco documentary about CSMA/CD it is a mechanism used with hub to detect collision while multiple access but I couldn't find anything about its timer and jam message also is it still mechanism for switch while each port of switch is...

Once new IOS was upload lost all other switches in stack they went to SWITCH: prompt.  I reload on each switch the current IOS.  The switch either prompts again with SWITCH or will not take command of "request platform software package install switch...

Hi,I noticed we cannot configure the voice vlan command on the N9K. Our model is C93108TC-EX. Sw version is 7.0(3)I4(3)Some other discussions suggested trunking both data and voice vlans? Has anyone tried it ?Can we try this configuration instead ?  ...

Hi All,Can anyone explain to me why this is happening, is it the cable problem or something wrong the switch, this only happen when we ping our Cisco Callmanager. Why is the ping is like dropping every 6th packet. This is our local network and we are...

Hello,Trying to enable Netflow on: WS-C3560X-24 (15.0(2)SE10).The configuration is like this. Maybe you see anything bad ? It doesn't even populate the cache. My other switches, for examle IOS-XE based works on this configuration. The only difference...

from88 by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have two 4500-Xs in VSS mode with SSO redundancy. NSF is active in EIGRP and BGP (graceful-restart).The 4500-X are connected to an ASR 1004, should I also activate NSF on the EIGRP/BGP part in the ASR ?What is good practice for NSF (SWITCH-ROUTE...

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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I'm having a Nexus 3064pq in Layer core being a core network. Today I have a problem where a 10Gbps port (1/36) is falling out of nowhere. It gets down and only returns when we remove the gbic cisco and put it back. We already changed the Gbic and th...